S3 Ep 077 Marjorie Tong is Protecting Women with EMF-Shield Apperal

In this episode, Marjorie Tong talks about the origins of Juunaday, why we should all be more conscious of the EMF around us, and staying protected from EMF without losing connection with those you love. 
S3 Ep 077 Marjorie Tong


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Show Notes

After identifying her electromagnetic sensitivity, Marjorie Tong created the EMF-shielding brand, Juunaday, exclusively for women. Today, she shares her passion for wellness and for EMF awareness with our audience as she explains the origins of Juunaday, why we should all be more conscious of the EMF around us (especially those that we can control), and staying protected from EMF without losing connection with those you love. 

In this episode, you will hear: 

  • How Juunaday is different from other EMF-shielding apparel. 
  • Marjorie’s experience with EMF and its health implications. 
  • The biological impact of EMF. 
  • EMF protection without losing connectivity to those important to you. 
  • Understanding the costs of EMF-shielding apparel. 
  • Things you can do to better shield your home with minimal cost. 

Marjorie Tong is the Founder and CEO of Juunaday, the first and only EMF-shielding activewear brand exclusively for women.  Juunaday offers fashionable apparel that helps women live better with technology without compromising style for safety.  After identifying her electromagnetic sensitivity and being armed with the knowledge she wished she’d had before becoming a mom, Marjorie created the EMF-shielding brand that meets the needs of an active, connected, and design-conscious female.  Following a degree in Fine Arts and Design, a 15-year corporate career, and a passion for wellness, Marjorie set out to bring EMF awareness to the forefront with a beautiful product.

Connect with Marjorie Tong:

Website: https://juunaday.com/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/juunaday For a 15% discount (limit 1 per customer), use code SHIELDYOURBODY at juunaday.com.

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