S3E37: Loren Cellentani Wants You to Manifest Your Best Self For Yourself

Most of our lives are run on autopilot by our subconscious mind, while most of the autopilot programming is done in childhood. In this episode, Loren, R, and Stephanie explore the idea of reprogramming our subconscious through small, intentional changes in our daily habits, and how this leads to higher mindfulness and awareness of self.


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Show Notes

For today’s episode, Loren joins us as we tackle the topic of anxiety. We talk about the expectations placed on us from society, from our family, and from ourselves, and how the stress of these expectations can manifest in our bodies as anxiety and can lead us away from our own, true, personal goals and desires. Most of our lives are run on autopilot by our subconscious mind, while most of the autopilot programming is done in childhood. We explore the idea of starting to reprogram our subconscious through small, intentional changes in our daily habits, and how this leads to higher mindfulness and awareness of self.

Loren shares with us the ins and outs of her Manifesting Me program for ambitious women, with which she aims to help empower women to build awareness around their habits and emotions, build trust in their thoughts and emotions, and get down to what they truly want for their lives. We also talk about how technology has impacted our ability to grow and change, such as improving the accessibility of tools for growth and change, and the opposite side of that coin where we can get lost in the vast amount of information and easily get sucked into the online void.

In this episode, you will hear: 

  • The prevalence of anxiety in our society, particularly for women
  • Panic attacks, and anxiety in general, as a message from our bodies
  • Rewiring our subconscious autopilot to facilitate awareness and mindfulness
  • Becoming an observer of your own thoughts and emotions
  • Loren’s Manifesting Me program for ambitious women
  • How technology has improved the accessibility of tools for growth and change
  • Loren’s call to action to start yourself on this journey of growth, love, and trust

Loren Cellentani spent a good portion of her life feeling like her body & emotions were sabotaging any chance at a happy, successful life. From crippling anxiety, chronic digestive distress, migraines, and in the middle of a divorce, Loren knew something had to change! After many years of trying all the superfoods, techniques, and meditations, Loren cracked the code to turn energy-draining anxiety into focused, confident action that helped her not only find peace of mind but also manifest her dream life.

Now, Loren is a Manifestation Coach who helps ambitious women harness the power of their emotions to manifest their dreams with passion and purpose. You hear the calling of your soul to shine more, but what’s keeping you from living that reality? It’s time to step outside your head and into your true potential!

Connect with Loren:

Website: lorencellentani.com

Witchy Wellness Podcast: lorencellentani.com/podcast

Anxious Personality Type Quiz: lorencellentani.com/quiz

Youtube: youtube.com/channel/UCvBOKqhW_A-Ce6CjLgWCqSw

Email: [email protected]

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/loren-cellentani-5648652a

Instagram: instagram.com/lorencellentani

Facebook: facebook.com/LorenCellentani

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Loren Cellentani 0:00
Just just becoming the observer of your life and your thoughts and your emotions, allows you to change so much of your life. And not only that really create your life because it’s not about the car, or the you know the partner, whatever you want to manifest in your life. It’s really about the person that you become along the way.

Announcer 0:23
Welcome to the healthier tech podcast, the show about building a healthier relationship with modern technology. Now, here are your hosts, R blank and Stephanie Warner.

R Blank 0:36
So this show with this discussion we’re about to have with Lauren, Chelan Tawny covers, it’s one of the most important topics that were asked about at healthier tech and at shield your body, it affects so many people, and I’m really glad to finally have an opportunity to do a deep dive into anxiety.

Stephanie Warner 0:55
Yeah, so it’s anxiety and also kind of what to do about it and this kind of greater conversation of how we how we can you know, be more aware of, you know, our lives get out of autopilot and kind of start manifesting with some intent and we talk about intent a lot in healthier text in our in our podcast. So I think this was just a great fit and it was a wonderful conversation and I can’t wait for our listeners to hear this.

R Blank 1:24
Yeah, and I want to see how many of our listeners agree with me that that her voice it’s like it’s one of the most soothing forces while So, yeah, let’s get into it. Sounds great. Lauren chillin Tani is a holistic health coach and host of the top rated podcast which you wellness radio, Lauren spent a good portion of her life feeling like her body and emotions were sabotaging any chance at a happy and successful life, from crippling anxiety, chronic digestive distress, and migraines. It was during the middle of a divorce, she knew something had to change, she has been able to crack the code to turn energy draining anxiety and stress into focused, confident action that helped her find peace of mind in the present moment. And she now shares this knowledge with her online course anxious to aligned and her VIP coaching. Lauren is now on a mission to help women harness the power of their emotions and bodies to achieve their dreams. Welcome, Lauren, to the healthier tech podcast.

Loren Cellentani 2:27
Oh, my gosh, thank you all for having me on. I’m so excited to join you today.

R Blank 2:31
Yeah, it’s great to see you again. For those those listeners who don’t know I was on. I was on witchy wellness last year. I appreciate you having me on. But now Now the table is returned. So I get to put you in the hot seat.

Stephanie Warner 2:46
It’s nice to finally meet you too. We’re happy to have you on. Thanks for Thanks for joining us today.

Loren Cellentani 2:50
Of course. Thank you guys.

R Blank 2:52
So I’m gonna I’m gonna start by asking you something that last time I asked you after outside of the recording, but I think you know, when someone hears your podcast name, they might reasonably have this question. So So are you a witch? Oh, of course. Yeah.

Loren Cellentani 3:06
Hello, I think I have to be if that’s my podcast, which to me is Yes, I do love crystals. I love essential oils and all the woowoo stuff. But it’s a woman who’s in her power, who understands like the tagline of my podcast is your emotions and your body are not in the way. They are leading the way. And you probably can tell my voice. I’m getting a little bit of an upgrade. I’m little under the weather. But everything including a cold is in the way it’s guiding me to where I need to be, which is more of who I am. So that that to me is what a which is, and 100% card carrying member which club here

R Blank 3:49
was the issuing authority on that one?

Loren Cellentani 3:52
Well, yeah, I guess just me, myself and I are is this.

R Blank 3:58
So I’m really glad to have the chance to talk to today. In particular, because anxiety is such a prevalent issue. And in fact, I didn’t I didn’t plan this. But just this this weekend, the weekend before we’re recording. I watched that new documentary on Netflix that’s all about Xanax and the some of the stats in there. I mean, I know just from casual reading, that anxiety is becoming tremendous issue. I also know through a lot of the work that I do, it shows your body, that EMF is a contributing factor to that but it’s certainly not the only cause of it. But it’s I mean, I should have written this down but it was it was some staggering percentage of Americans suffer from anxiety or will suffer from anxiety and apparently the rates are significantly higher for for women. Then For men, which I was also surprised to find out so anyway, now I find myself rambling. I shouldn’t be doing that that, but that’s why I’m so happy to have you on. So getting right into the factual question. You know, so you had you had your first what you described as a panic attack at your college graduation? What I mean, what was that? Like? What did you realise that it was a panic attack? Or what did it feel like?

Loren Cellentani 5:25
Yeah, a loss of complete control isn’t what was really, and I kind of knew what was happening. I just felt really nervous at first and then it just kept growing and growing and growing. And thankfully, my best friend was sitting next to me and she had these like, mints in her purse, and she kept giving me meant to kind of calm me down. But I, it was later on, not at the time, because, you know, hindsight is always 2020 I realised that. Of course, I think a lot of women have more anxiety because our, you know, I’m a millennial, my mother’s generation worked so hard in terms of feminism to have equal rights to for her in high school, there were no women’s sports teams, she had to fight, and fight and fight. And so I think as a millennial woman, we feel like we have to do it all. Everything, have the career, the family that, do it everything, put it all on our backs, and not really ask ourselves, what do we want? What do we want? And from the time I was a small child, you know, I grew up in a very loving and privileged household, but it was, you know, what, what do you want to do sports wise, extra curricular wise in order to get into a good college so you can get a good job and, you know, set yourself up for success. But sometimes we don’t realise we lose ourselves in that whole process. And we forget how to tune in to that feminine side, the intuition side, and we’re just pushing, pushing, pushing. So I got to this point in my life that I had been preparing for, since you know, five years old. And it’s here and it’s like, and now what, you know, as I said, so my body and its wisdom, even though I didn’t feel like it at the time, took over and country complete sheer panic. And so for me, it took, you know, the next few years decade of, okay, why did this come up? And, and there’s kind of a more to life than less when you start asking these questions about yourself, that’s when you are ready to really take a deep dive and change and things like diet, coke, you know, looking at, like you said, EMF waves and technology, there are things in a 3d way we can do to help support our bodies for success, because we don’t want to create a stressful environment for ourselves, especially when we’re healing and we’re changing. But for me, it really took taking a look inward and it’s it’s not a one and done like, I’m going through the wringer now physically. And that had Bob a lot of emotions and fear for me that I’m like, didn’t I deal with all this panic stuff. We just be done. But it’s not like that. Because there’s always another layer, there’s always another layer. And anxiety for me, was such a kind of a catch all thing because it’s not the anxiety. It’s always something deeper, there’s always something there’s an underlying cause. So the anxiety, the anxiety, or the physical sensations you might feel in your body are just the messengers for you to take a look inward, to see really what’s going on. And for me, that’s completely changed my life, you know, and even in the past year, I’ve dug deeper, like I said, into this, and I’m moved across country, you know, I was still in the same city I grew up with, and now I’m in sunny Florida, and just finding more and more things that I didn’t realise that I wanted in my life. But when I started to take a deeper look of like, Wow, am I choosing and creating a life that I want, or choosing creating a life that everybody else thinks I should have?

Stephanie Warner 9:10
Right, right? Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. And, and I just kind of want to kind of pull back a little bit to that time you had your first panic attack, like what? What ledge so I know that that was a trigger to lead you into doing kind of that deeper work and asking these questions. But what was that little bit? What was that projection between or that journey between I had an anxiety attack, I realised that’s what it is. And I need to now do some deeper looking what was in between there and how did you get to this place where you’re like, Okay, I think I understand what happened and the things I need to do. How did you get there from anxiety to you know, working on on healing the because anxiety?

Loren Cellentani 9:57
Yeah, I think we’d like to, it’s easy. gloss over that right? Like that journey was easy. And for time purposes, I normally don’t dive in. But yeah, for me, I mean, it was, I was so anxious. From that point on, I couldn’t even go to a yoga class because I was like, what if I don’t know the next pose, they teach me and, you know, having chronic multiple panic attacks a day, I tried to take medication, but I love my body. And it is a canary in the coal mind, if there is a side effect, I will have it in any type of medication, which I think is a blessing, but just didn’t work for me. So I, which was great, because I was forced to really deal with it. And I grew up in a household that wasn’t into therapy or anything like that. It just wasn’t the norm. So I went more, you know, the self help spiritual route I did, you know, start going to therapy for me, it was starting to slowly get into eating healthier, taking a look at what I was putting into my body, because that was kind of, you know, it’s the fuel that drives us. So I really got into the health and wellness at first and I became a health coach, and I loved it. And just as time progressed, I started to get into meditation and the power of your mind and your subconscious mind and how, you know, over 90% of our mind is subconscious. And so we’re running on this autopilot, we don’t even know that’s there. So how can we take a look and peel back those layers to see, okay, what are the beliefs and the thoughts that I have that are running this show that I don’t even know. And nine times out of 10, they are created from childhood. So you have this inner child running your shell. And you know, which not everything is bad. I love my inner child. She’s playful, she’s fun, she’s creative. She doesn’t care what anybody thinks she’s got an awesome fashion style. I used to rock two different coloured socks with like cowboy tassel boots, just it was awesome. But it really, you know, my body, like I said before, it’s always leading the way forced me to keep continually looking inward, inward and things in life, like going through a divorce. It’s like, okay, you know, when you go through a bad breakup, you would you just really want to point the finger at the other person. Sometimes it’s a it’s your fault. You’re, you know, this is why I was like, Listen, I’m an adult here. I can’t control anybody else other than me. So what in me created this situation for me to get here and my life? And what what do I want? What am I? What do I want to create? How do I want to feel so that turning point, I really, really, really started to do the inner work and things like meditation, yoga helps a lot breathwork things that allow us to relax our nervous system, become present, become calm, and we’re able to really look inside, we can also rewire our hard drives as well, so that you don’t automatically we’re like a supercomputer. When something happens and triggers you, you have a choice to act differently. But it’s about building that muscle. And the easiest thing you can do is you don’t you don’t have to meditate for three hours to start doing this. For me. It’s like you go around the block the same way to take your dog for a walk every single day. Probably we’re creatures of habit. It’s autopilot. So today, why don’t go the opposite way around the block. Just literally things like that throughout the day, if you can just change it up, nothing like you, you don’t have to add a five, our morning routine, just start to change things up so that you have to be present, you’re just not running on this autopilot all of the time. Because that is what’s running the show and creating things that we may not want in our life. But that’s what we’ve practised and conditioned ourselves to do over time. So that’s just automatically going to pop off.

R Blank 13:57
So this sounds like it’s part of your your manifesting me programme. And I want to get into that. And our listeners should know on your website, which is Lauren Chelan tawny.com, which we’ll link to in the show notes. You have an anxious personality type quiz. And I know it’s for women. But I broke the rules. And I took it anyway.

Loren Cellentani 14:23
Oh, that I saw that. I was like, yes, yes. Gotta

Announcer 14:25
take it.

R Blank 14:27
So I see that I am. And this is probably the first and only time in my life where I have been called a fawn. So I’m wondering, what does that tell you about me that I am a farm?

Loren Cellentani 14:39
Yeah, so what I did was the anxious personality type quiz is I went through the four trauma responses, which is fight, flight freeze and fawn, which people have heard of fight or flight response. We have all of them our day to day life, but I’ve created this quiz. That will give you a little bit of an insight to like kind of your major response like if your gut response to when you get triggered or something or trauma happens in your life. So each of those responses is, allows you to look at the okay, what are maybe some physical things that might pop up when I feel this way? What are some emotions that I might feel in this response? What are some questions that I can start to ask myself to work through this? Like, why am I creating this in my life? And how can I use this emotion or this anxiety to manifest what I do want? How can I harness this energy and use it for good right to start, it should start to snowball in a direction where I want to go with my life. But the fawn response is one of the two that are kind of under active, so we have fun and freeze. So those are the kinds that I suggest to kind of calm up your energy. So get the energy moving, shake it around. And when you’re fighting or fleeing, that’s when I say Calm down, because you can tell in the energy of those two groups that like when you’re really feisty or flighty, like you have a lot of energy, you have a lot of what we would normally call anxiety, you need to take a chill pill, we need to take a deep breath and calm down and become more centred to see what’s going on underneath. And with fun, and with Freeze, you know, freeze itself, you’re frozen. So we need to learn how to work with that energy to cultivate it, to really tap into it and awaken it. And what’s fun, specifically, it’s, you know, really looking outside of yourself for that approval or, you know, fawning over someone or some thing versus what do I really, really want what’s true for me. And freeze is, the names are kind of self explanatory. But when you get triggered, you want to shut down and kind of Hibernate, you maybe maybe you’re scrolling on your phone a lot you start noticing you’re you’re stuck on Netflix for hours and hours. flighty energy is you know, you can’t sit still in an uncomfortable conversation, you might like to travel a lot, you just you can’t stay in one space, you have to keep moving Are you just you’ll start to actually feel your feelings. That fiery energy that fight, you know, when you get triggered, you know, you’re you’re not going to run away, you’re going to push in, you’re going to lean forward, and you’re going to probably say things that you might not think you would want to say. But these are just automatic responses on our body has learned that okay, when I get triggered or put in these situations, I’m just going to run this programme. There’s nothing wrong with them. But for me realising okay, how can we kind of create a system. So it’s easy for when you are feeling triggered or feeling anxiousness. It’s not this catch all thing. You can say, Oh, look, I took this quiz, which actually take the quiz, you can read about all the other types, because we all have the other types as well. And so you can ask yourself and start to build that awareness, like I said, So when something pops up again, you might actually catch yourself maybe before or during it going, what can be running this fight programme? Well, maybe I’m just going to feel it for a little bit longer, because that feels really good. But maybe next time I’m going to catch it, I’m just going to take a break and go take a walk, or I’m going to whatever I’m going to, I’m going to break the pattern. And once you start realising and you start to implement these things in your life, you will actually start to hear the thought or feel the emotion and start to become that observer, like the scientist of your life.

Stephanie Warner 18:48
Absolutely, absolutely. It sounds like you know, and I found this true for my own life, just building the awareness is like this is obviously step one of breaking a pattern. But if you’re aware of it, then you can do that important next step of, you know, changing, changing the behaviour or being more intentful with whatever whatever the response is, or just how I’m feeling. And that kind of brings me to I’d love to ask a little bit more about your manifesting knee programme. Can you tell us what that is and give our listeners some some information about what that programme is all about?

Loren Cellentani 19:26
I would love to this is my baby. So I really shifted my business from I still work with women with anxiety, but what’s not what we really want. We want to manifest our dream lives. And so like I said before, myself included as a millennial woman. I’m very ambitious, but sometimes that comes with a lot of anxiousness and we feel like we’re on this like self sabotaging loop. And I know I’m an entrepreneur and so many of my friends are and like we when you start to Find something where you feel a part of your life, you want to give back, you know, you want to help other people. And then you start to get into this world whether you know, you have your passion or not. And you realise, oh my god, there’s a whole nother self help journey that that is involved in all this. So manifesting me is really about help solving the three things that help, you know, keep, keep ambitious women from living their dream life. So that’s, we first look at the emotions. We take a deep dive, what are the root causes? Like what are you feeling on a day to day life, because our emotions are what creates our reality. We don’t really want the car, we don’t really want the dream partner, we don’t really want that business, we want to feel how we think we’re going to feel when those things are in our reality. So if you are living your current reality, literally addicted to the emotions that have created where you are right now, we need to start to observe, like we just talked about what what’s really underneath that subconscious mind of yours. So that we can start to observe, we can start to choose differently. But that first 1/3 of the course is just all about emotions. And the first thing that I do is have you write down your emotions for a week. And if you could do it for longer, that’s great for a whole month, every night, the end of the day, it’s not about he said this, she did this, it’s just go through your day takes five minutes, you could do this right now. How did I feel? What are the emotions that came up today. And if you can do that, for at least a week, at the end of that week, you’re going to look through your little journaling, and you’re going to start to see patterns. You might feel frustrated all the time. And you didn’t realise, oh my god, I’m going through the day just looking for things to confirm my head of frustration. And we don’t realise it. Like we are literally addicted to these emotions. And we want to create this reality, law of attraction, you can’t change law of attraction is always happening. So what we can do is we can change what we want to focus on. And when we can become aware of like, oh my god, I’m really trying to get this head of frustration. You can almost become a little humorous with yourself and say, Okay, well, what do I want to feel instead? Satisfied? Happy, free? How can I start looking for those things in my life as well?

Stephanie Warner 22:27
So it was so weird. So with step one, why don’t want to reduce it to steps but we’re the first part it sounds like it’s you’re you’re kind of being more aware of what your patterns are, and what you’re kind of addicted to, as far as you know, whatever emotions. And then the next part is, what would the next part look like for you in the programme? Yeah. And I also have one fault. Sorry, is the programme online? Is this a one on one? Like, how do you how do you work with people through these through this programme?

Loren Cellentani 23:00
Yeah, so it is an online course. But it’s a group coaching programme. So there is an online course section with videos and your own login and all that kind of stuff in there. There’s a Facebook group with the members, and then weekly coaching, call group coaching calls, because I have found that when you go through something with like minded people, you’re not only going to learn from your own experience, but you’re going to learn from everybody else’s, and to have a community that’s going through the same thing together who has the same mission, there is a power and a magic that’s unexplainable in all of that. So that’s kind of the format of how it’s delivered. And then the second part is, we start to really take a look at those emotions and those beliefs. And we get to start to discern, is this something I need to dive deep into? Do I need to feel this and really process this? Or is this something that I just need to do something differently, and, you know, kind of shift my energy, and I like to call that divine discipline? So we really start to build this divine discipline muscle, and we start to understand, is this just something that I need to get a hit of, quote, unquote, and I’ve already know where this comes from? I work through this, I, you know, I just need to shift my energy or is this something I need to really process and feel and allow to kind of work through my body in order for me to really gain that wisdom underneath. So the second part is just like we identified the first part. Second part is we start to build this divine discipline, muscle of discernment, really. And when we can do that we start to build this trust in ourselves. And the third part is like we don’t, the problem I help solve is we don’t trust ourselves, or our intuition or the universe or source, whatever you want to call it. So when we can start to take a look and say, Oh, my God, look at all this proof that I’ve changed already just by observing my thoughts. that’s in my emotions, you can really start to trust yourself and learn how to surrender. And the third part is when we really dive into the kind of mechanics of creating what, what life do I want to live, what, what do I want to create, and kind of dive into the woowoo side of it, versus the first two thirds are really taking look underneath that subconscious hood, what’s going on, and just reprogram, reprogram, reprogram, it takes a lot of discipline, but you don’t have to spend three hours every day meditating to do this, that would be would be great. If you want to do that, if that feels like

Stephanie Warner 25:34
something that’s fun for you, if you have three hours.

Loren Cellentani 25:38
Go right ahead. I don’t I definitely don’t. And that’s why I really wanted to create this programme. Because just becoming the observer of your life and your thoughts and your emotions, allows you to change so much of your life. And not only that really create your life, because it’s not about the car, or the you know, the partner, whatever you want to manifest in your life, it’s really about the person that you become along the way. And that’s what this is going to teach you. The course is literally called manifesting me, because you’re manifesting more of yourself. And I it’s just such an honour, because I go through it, too. It’s like, you know, I might I have to walk the walk and talk the talk. For me, it’s like, wow, this is never ending. And when you can start to understand these principles, you can continually apply them for the rest of your life with any change or thing that you want to. You want to manifest. Yeah,

R Blank 26:36
that third part, you said all of this. The third part is sounds rude, but it didn’t sound woowoo. To me, I mean, actually thinking about I mean, and Stephanie, I think said this earlier, which is it’s all about it’s about intent. And so, you know, actually putting some intent behind what is the person that I want to be? What is the life that I want to bet doesn’t sound? I mean, maybe maybe I’m off base on this, maybe. But that didn’t sound good to me. So, so there’s a question that I like to ask the guests who come on on this show, which is the role because technology is I mean, it’s everywhere. Now, it’s part of almost every experience. And, you know, when it comes to the types of challenges you are helping your clients overcome? What is the role that you are seeing technology play? And the answer, obviously, you know, positive and or negative? Like? I mean, obviously, you’re delivering your programme through a digital interface. So you wouldn’t be able to do that without without technology. But what what is what are some of the ways in which you’re seeing technology impact your clientele?

Loren Cellentani 27:48
Well, I would say first and foremost, it’s accessible to practice these tools like meditation, I don’t know if anybody here has been on Insight Timer, completely free app. It’s awesome. You can find any type of meditation, there’s courses on there, the accessibility for growth and change now, because of technology, there’s no excuse other than yourself, right? Like you can access information. But at the same time, like I talked about what the freeze response earlier, we can get sucked down into the rabbit hole, because we’re searching for that next hit of dopamine, like we’ll keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. And that can become very addictive, too. So I think for me, you have to be very conscious of what is the intent? What is the intention behind me picking up this device? You know, it’s what do I want to get out of it? What am I what find

R Blank 28:43
yourself focusing on that a lot like for yourself separate from your clients? Yeah,

Loren Cellentani 28:48
because I have to put I have to put timer limits on my phone for especially social media, because it sucks that down the rabbit hole. And I’m like, I know myself. And I’ll go on there. I’m like, I’ll do research. I’ll do research. Research the new trends, and no, no, I’m just sucked down the mean rabbit hole, you know, for

R Blank 29:11
you. Is that? Is that just a matter of managing your time and productivity? Or is it also about your emotional state? And

Loren Cellentani 29:18
oh, it’s about I think it’s about and for me when I do when I am, I noticed myself wanting to do that. I’m like, oh, okay, you can do this for five minutes, we’re gonna give you a limit. And then we’re gonna do something else. Like, even just going on YouTube, which is technology for me and I love listening to Abraham Hicks. They talk all about law of attraction, just searching the next video, you know, whatever the algorithm puts on there for me, put it on, put my phone across the room and just sit there and listen. Because sometimes when you’re in it, you don’t want to go meditate. You don’t want to go you know, do all the things you should be doing. But if you can just get yourself to just Sit down and be present. And technology can help you with that. And I have all these meditation tech tools that I have that are like, you know, a pulse oximeter, for me, or for measuring my blood oxygen level. So when I am doing breath work, I can actually get this biofeedback in real time to see, am I actually physically changing? Great. I’ve got a heart rate variability monitor that allows me to see okay, with my breath work with meditation, am I really calming down, you know, there’s this biofeedback thing. And, and the transformation world or meditation world, which is really cool with technology. I don’t use them all the time, I maybe use them. At this point, if I’m being honest, maybe not even once a month anymore. But when I first got these tools, it was really cool. When I’m learning. Okay, this is what it feels like to be really present. This is what it feels like when I open my focus. And I get into a different brainwave state, this is what it feels like, sounds like

R Blank 31:04
you have a lot of discipline, I mean, to be and obviously, you know, there’s a lot more to life than just how much you spend time on YouTube or, or scroll, but it sounds like you have this ability to say, No, this is how much I should be doing. And I’m not going to be doing anymore. Do you?

Loren Cellentani 31:24
I’ll be honest, sometimes I’ll get that I’ll get the the reminder on my phone, you’ve reached her app limit today. You know, I haven’t you know, so yeah, there’s a balance with everything. But it’s also setting yourself up for success. And being really present, knowing yourself and saying, Okay, I know, I have this tendency, I’m no judgement. But you know, how can I set myself up for success, so that I don’t, it’s easier for me to make a choice, it’s better for me. So I’m not always glued to my phone, because I remember the biggest thing you said on my podcast, which I was like, Oh, it makes so much sense. It’s just limit the distance between you and the technology is gonna really help you. So for me, like, if I am not consciously on my phone, I will put it across the room, I will put in the other room, especially if I’m trying to work. Because it’s so easy just to pick that up, like,

R Blank 32:21
difference. And

Loren Cellentani 32:24
I remember you saying this, like, Oh, that’s so easy and so accessible. Just put it on the other side of the room, you know,

R Blank 32:31
yeah. So you’ve been talking a lot about building intuition and self trust, and when we were just talking about it, and it’s a key part of of your approach to the work that you do, in terms of an action item that we might be able to leave our listeners with, you know, right now to help them start on that journey of building intuition and self trust, what what would be, you know, like one, or maybe two things that, that you could tell people what, to start on this journey.

Loren Cellentani 33:01
Now, we only set it when I’m, I’m going to preach it. The rest of my days here, take a week, write down those emotions every night. And even if you couldn’t do it for a few weeks, because you’re gonna start to see these trends. And as a woman, especially right before your menstrual cycle starts or during your menstrual cycle, you know, we all we everybody’s heard about PMS and the emotions that we have, those have been there all month long. But our bodies have zero filter and give zero apps during this time.

Announcer 33:37
Because we can

Loren Cellentani 33:38
do this deep dive and say, Oh my God, that anchor was there all month, like, what is my body trying to tell me? So if you can do it, you know, right before during your period, or for a whole month, right? Just write down your motions every day and just build that awareness and start to see these themes and say, Wow, I’m really addicted, addicted to this anger, this frustration? Or maybe I am really happy all the time. And I just don’t realise that. How can I how can I be more present in my day, day to day life? So as simple as that sounds? It’s very impactful. No, no, no, go on. Yeah, sorry. I was just gonna say and put your phone on the other side of the room was?

R Blank 34:17
No, you know, it’s funny. What, there’s a management guru named Peter Drucker a little bit old school. But one of his famous lines that you just reminded me up is what gets measured gets managed. And if you’re not measuring something, it’s not going to get managed and, and what you just outlined sounded to me like well, because Because measuring emotion is not what it’s emotion is not one of those things that intuitively you think, Oh, I can measure my emotion. But you’re right. If you could just start writing it down on a regular basis and tracking it, then you can you can start having the set of information that would allow you to move forward with the intent that we’ve been talking Talking about. I really liked that too.

Stephanie Warner 35:01
That was a really male some summary and I loved it. I loved it. I loved it. I am.

Loren Cellentani 35:09
We covered all listeners, we got the witching hour here. Very straightforward male, you know. So you will understand

R Blank 35:17
that that’s a great, great what gets measured gets managed? It’s a fantastic I’m not going to be defensive over that.

Stephanie Warner 35:25
Oh, no, I wasn’t Yeah, you have to be defensive at all. I think that that that some people it doesn’t matter what your gender is some people the measuring is the thing that makes it real, like that ability to like to see the pattern makes it a little bit more real and a little bit more manageable. Yeah, not just because you have the data, but just like, Okay, this is actually a thing this is now taken out of emotion and is brought into the kind of the real world, it becomes tangible, even though it’s not tangible.

R Blank 35:58
Lauren, this is this has been a fantastic conversation. And I also I have to confess just listening to your voice, there’s something about your voice, it just I find it really uplifts my mood. So I’m really happy to have the chance to talk to

Loren Cellentani 36:11
you even even under with the sniffles. I’m glad that you still think.

R Blank 36:16
So where? So we mentioned Lauren Chelan. tawny.com? Yeah, the manifesting the programme, anxious personality type quiz. And all of these will be linked in the show notes. Are there other ways in which you would like our listeners to connect with you or get in touch with you?

Loren Cellentani 36:32
Yeah, so obviously witchy wellness radio is on all platforms, we can even send over the link for our episode. But yeah, but I’m also on Instagram at Lauren John Tani. And that, that I’m starting my own YouTube channel. I’ve been wanting to do this for like a year. And I’m starting, we’re recording this in December. So the end of December is when I’m going to relaunch it. And my podcast will be also on YouTube, it was at one point, and now I’m bringing the video back. So it’ll be an awesome weekly video with just me, you know, normal kind of YouTube content, and then the weekly witchy wellness radio interviews as well. So I’m very excited about that. And yeah, hope to see you guys over there. Because I love YouTube. I love the inspiration. I love how it’s like the technology, right of the search engine where you can learn anything. You can meditate, you can listen to anything. It’s all it’s right there in your fingertips. So as long as we have the intention. Yeah, no.

R Blank 37:35
Yeah, no, totally. I will link to everything that you just mentioned in the show notes and on the healthier tech website. And, Lauren, this has been such a great pleasure. Thank you so much for joining us.

Stephanie Warner 37:45
Yeah, thank you so much for coming on. I can’t wait for our listeners to hear this and to look into the work that you’re doing and for braving

R Blank 37:53
through the frog in your throat

Loren Cellentani 37:58
It’s fine. It’s I’m totally here for I’m very honoured. Thank you guys so much for having me on. I love love love talking about this stuff. Because it’s, it’s, you know, if you want to change the world, you gotta you got to take a look inside, you got to change yourself first. And this is the stuff that’s helped me. And it just inspires me to want to help other people as well. Thank you so much. Thanks.

Announcer 38:23
Thank you so much for listening to this episode of the healthier tech podcast. Remember to check the show notes for all the links and resources mentioned in the show. Please like and subscribe to the healthier tech podcast on Apple, Spotify or your podcast platform of choice. Get your free quickstart guide to build a healthy relationship with technology and our latest information at healthier tech.co

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