S3E24: Rachel Varga Wants You and Your Skin to be Radiant

Rachel Varga discusses healthy skincare and the effects of EMF and non-ionizing radiation.
S3E25: Claudia Grace Wants You to Slow Down and Connect Mindfully


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Show Notes

We are joined today by Rachel Varga who has come to discuss healthy skincare and the effects of EMF and non-ionizing radiation. She tells us about the ways that EMF can change the interactions between blood cells, causing what is known as rouleaux which impacts the way your blood flows, causing clotting symptoms like CO2 build-up, dry eyes, inflammation, etc. We talk about sunscreen and how it relates to skincare, using internal supplements to aid your sunscreen and UV absorption, and what ingredients to avoid in sunscreen. Rachel shares her wisdom on becoming a wiser, more discerning consumer in all areas, including healthcare, as well as advice on seeking out practitioners of both western and traditional medicine, and those that are always learning, getting out of the box of their initial education and experience. 

We explore ways of purifying your air, water, lighting, and electromagnetics, and doing regular cleansing to allow your purist self to shine, and talk about allowing yourself to disconnect from the constant notifications and influence of our modern lifestyle and social media, and reconnecting with the right headspace. We discuss some preventative measures you can take to limit your EMF exposure, such as limiting our autonomic nervous system dysregulating stressors or using protective clothing and bedding, and some measures you can take at times when you have to be in front of your devices, such as using air purifiers, balancing your lighting, using blue-light blocking glasses, using a protective case for your cellphone, standing when you can, and occasionally shifting your focus to something outside of your technology. Lastly, Rachel shares with us her approach to a basic skincare routine which includes cleansing morning and night, with a double cleanse at night, using products free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and artificial dyes and fragrances, moisturizing your skin with a toxin-free moisturizer, using sunscreen every day, gently exfoliating 2-5 times a week with a non-abrasive exfoliating product to remove oxidative stressors from your skin, and using at-home masks or peels to help moisturize and exfoliate

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Blending energy, mindset, beauty, and wellbeing
  • Impacts of EMF on your skin
  • EMF as the smoking of our generation
  • Toxic bucket theory
  • EMF mitigation strategies
  • Five key basics to healthy skin

Rachel Varga is a Double Board Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist since 2011 with over 20,000 procedures performed. She is also an international clinical trainer for other Physicians and Nurses, a celebrity skin expert featured by Dave Asprey, JJ Virgin, Wade Lightheart, Naveen Jain, America’s Holistic Plastic Surgeon Dr. Tony Youn, and more! Rachel is also a speaker and a 5 time academically published award-winning author in the field of regenerative and aesthetic nursing as well as an executive board member and peer reviewer for USA-based Plastic and Aesthetic Nursing Journal, a regular contributor to the UK-based Journal of Aesthetic Nursing, and monthly contributor to the Best Holistic Life Magazine. Through education on non-toxic at-home skin care, hair care, dermarolling, peptides, in-clinic skin, and laser rejuvenation options, alongside biohacking and slowing cellular aging practices, Rachel helps inspire others with her unique toolkit to navigate and strategize aging impossibly well – using her Holistic SCIENCE of BEAUTY method on The Rachel Varga Podcast and at RachelVarga.ca where One on One sessions for at-home and in-clinic skin rejuvenation guidance and planning are available.


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Rachel Varga 0:00
When you do the body, mind, spirit energy stuff, the lifestyle stuff, you’re simply going to get great skin as a byproduct of that. So it’s not just going to the skincare going to the rejuvenation products. It’s how you do the basics. Yes, it’s going to take a lot of work. But let’s lay the foundation and then we’ll add the other things.

Announcer 0:19
Welcome to the healthier tech podcast, the show about building a healthier relationship with modern technology. Now, here are your hosts, R blank and Stephanie Warner.

R Blank 0:33
So in today’s episode, we’re going to be talking to Rachel Varga who brings a really unique expertise to the healthier tech podcast and with her focus not only on skincare, but particularly on how EMF impacts skin, which is, which is you know, I’ve been dealing with EMF issues for about 10 years, and I’ve never met anyone with her level of expertise.

Stephanie Warner 0:56
Yeah, I definitely was. There was a lot of information I have not heard this topic in this detail before. And it’s it’s really exciting. And she did. She has a wealth of knowledge and really great energy. So I think our listeners are going to enjoy this a lot. Yeah,

R Blank 1:15
this is really unique content. And before we dive in, we’re gonna start this interview you’re about to hear with Rachel is Rachel about her decision to get off of social media? And her answer to that, I think is I found it to be really interesting. I think the listeners are gonna really like it.

Stephanie Warner 1:32
Yeah, yeah. Glad you pointed that out. Well, let’s

R Blank 1:35
get started. Sounds good. Let’s do it. Rachel Varga is a double Board Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist, and international clinical trainer for other physicians and nurses. She’s a celebrity skin expert, speaker and author in the field of regenerative and aesthetic nursing. Rachel is one of the first to blend Western approaches to skincare and rejuvenation, functional insights and biohacking optimization strategies. Through education on non toxic at home skincare, haircare Derma rolling peptides in clinic skin and laser rejuvenation options alongside biohacking and slowing cellular aging practices. Rachel helps inspire others with her unique toolkit to navigate and strategize aging, impossibly well, using her holistic science of beauty, as well as to her two podcasts, the Rachael Varga podcast, and the beauty and the biohacker podcast. Welcome to the healthier tech podcast. Rachel,

Rachel Varga 2:37
thank you so much for having me on Stephanie. It’s great to have you to be here.

R Blank 2:43
So before we get into the meat of today’s chat, and I know we’re really looking forward to that, but there’s something in your bio I wanted to ask about. And I understand that at some point, you deleted your Instagram. Now I’ve I’ve personally I’ve avoided social media, I made that jump in 2015. And I’ve been super happy since. But I’m kind of interested in learning a bit more about your decision. I hear people dropping social, but then I never actually meet anyone who’s managed to do it. So what triggered it? And what changes have you noticed?

Rachel Varga 3:19
Well, I mean, let’s be completely honest. Here it is, it was a little bit of a bold move as a online entrepreneur to completely drop one of my largest social platforms. But this was actually a very strategic move. I really noticed that there’s a certain type of listener on the podcast, and then say on YouTube and Instagram. And I really want to reach those that are willing to do the work and do deep dives into content. And not just this 32nd 62nd here, how deep can you really go on important topics to help you be your best versions on the inside and out. But I actually am one of those people that you would consider a hypersensitive individual to electromagnetics. I’ve known this for a long time. I live on a very small island here in the Pacific Northwest of Canada. Actually, Dave Asprey is on the same island where I am as well. And I’m an outdoor enthusiast and I just always noticed when I was doing these one to two days, off roading I love overlanding for my for my land rover that I have to maintain myself because I go all the way into the bush 200 kilometers out of cell phone reception. And what I started to observe that those days after I would have what I call off grid days, my skin would look better. I would get all these creative hits of things to create content on podcast shows on all these things. And I was also observing when I was at home and doing work On my computer here, I have my phone open and I would be scrolling, I would be monitoring instant messages. And you can’t really prioritize the messages that way. So from a business perspective, it’s actually not a good use of time. And I noticed my screen time is quite high on my device. Also, we’re in the age of influencers, I personally do not like to be influenced, I like being a sovereign individual that is making decisions and being able to keep a pure body, mind, spirit and energy and the EMFs. I mean, the verdict is out of the mainstream research that’s available now on how even just holding your phone for five minutes while it’s not on airplane mode to make a call or a text, how that changes your blood. And then this impacts the largest organ of your body. It’s quite profound. And once you learn these things, you can’t unlearn them. So that’s why I did it to reduce screen time, you reduce my influence from external influences telling me to buy things that I don’t need, that might actually be making me sick, and reducing my EMF exposure, and putting my energy more into my client care, creating podcast topics, emails, and all that stuff that was just strategically as a business woman better return on investment with time.

R Blank 6:21
So it was a business decision. It was actually

Rachel Varga 6:25
business and personal. But the the other thing that I found that was just as icing on the cake is already preparing the audience on Instagram, come follow me on the podcast, join the newsletter. I actually had messaged a girlfriend something very interesting. She said, come visit me and I said, Well, I’m not really traveling. Right now I’m sort of in preconception mode, right? So really looking after my body to prepare to make another amazing human, my fabulous husband and I. And because I use that word preconception and Instagram then showed me that evening on both my personal and professional pages, images of sick children, sick babies, Sick Kids, cheese. And so that was really the icing on the cake that I think that certain platforms will try and keep you in a fear state, so that you’re more glued to it to, Oh, I gotta learn about this, I got to learn about that. So that doesn’t happen. And I wasn’t having any of it. So I was already in the process of getting rid of it. And then that happened. And it was just like, this is a good decision in your highest good, go for it be bold, that’s okay, you’ll be rewarded. And then I had the second best month in my business was once I got rid of it. So that’s validation.

R Blank 7:41
So in the intro, I introduced you Well, there was a lot obviously on your your CV that I used to introduce you but one of the things I mentioned, is that your double Board Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist. So what is double board certified? What does that mean? And how did you become one?

Rachel Varga 7:59
That’s a great question. Obviously, I did my traditional training as a registered nurse, so Bachelors of Science in Nursing. And so then I did about two years of acute oncology, palliative care, I did two years of peds ICU trach vent care, looked after Sick Kids breathing through ventilators. And then I transitioned into the aesthetics and regenerative side of things which quickly became my passion. And to be in that field because it’s such a specialized field. You don’t have to be board certified double board certified to be in it, but to for me to become an academic researcher sit on the board and have journals and be a peer reviewer and also, I’m an international clinical instructor. It was the appropriate move for me to then do board certification in the space of aesthetic nursing. And believe it or not a lot of aesthetic nurses out there don’t have that credential. But the ones that really care about safety and really being at the top of their game, they do have that additional board certification.

R Blank 9:06
So a bit of a bit of a smarty pants i i gather because your mother was a nurse that Was she your sort of guiding your inspiration to follow this path?

Rachel Varga 9:18
Yeah, my mom is a she’s retired now a registered nurse, my father’s a carpenter. So very skill based backgrounds. And having nursing in your back pocket to look for yourself and your loved ones is very handy. Understanding health under understanding how to care for this beautiful meatsuit that we’re given. We’re only even better take good care of it. And I saw her actually really not put her oxygen mask on first. And so for 30 years, she was a night nurse. She did shift work. She put on a lot of weight. She got up to 210 pounds. So when I was at about 1314 She did the South Beach diet. So that instilled in me very healthy eating practices. And then, when I was in my mid 20s, she was diagnosed with estrogen receptor of breast cancer. So then I became aware of all these estrogens and our skincare and our food products, were just inundated with hormone disruptors. And then also my sister’s diagnosed with, with a type of cancer within a month of each other. So I knew that I had to make the very strategic move to really harness myself. And also, you know, what is this biohacking thing to optimize our environment to support our epigenetics, which is our expression of our DNA that we are born with. And so I learned a lot from my mom about how to not be a healthcare provider, and how to put my oxygen mask on first.

R Blank 10:53
So I know that you do a lot of work with with energy and mindset, right, which is not something you often hear from from people in the medical establishment. So why do you believe mindset is, and energy is part of beauty?

Rachel Varga 11:10
Well, if you think about it, what makes up most of our environment, it’s the space between it’s the dark matter, it’s the quintessence so here’s my super nerd physics part. So about 70, to 80% of our world that we live in is space. Now what’s happening in that space in between are, for the most part electromagnetic interactions. And if those interactions are arise, in our physical form, we’re going to have less ideal production of hormones and other things happening in our body, our blood will not be flowing optimally to carry oxygen and nutrients to our tissues, and then removing co2 and toxins. And the other thing with energy and spirituality was I quite simply started to observe what my most vibrant and radiant clients were doing. And I started in the esthetics world in about 2011. And I’ve done well over 20,000 rejuvenation procedures. But there was one subset of clients and patients that were working with me that were generally aged 50 to 90. And they had never done anything to their skin before they were using hippie dippie skincare with probably some rancid oils. But they were living their best lives. They had body mind, spirit energy practices. So physically, they were doing strength and conditioning, yoga flexibility, stability type practices, yoga and Qigong are very grounding from an energetic perspective. And then from the mind perspective, they were playing music, they had types of hobbies, maybe they did art, they just did something to light them up. And then with the spiritual aspects, they pretty much all had some type of spiritual practice. And I definitely noticed differences individuals, depending on what their faith and spirituality was, but for the most part, if they have some type of practice, if you seek you will find so the same goes they had this radiance. And then there was the energy perspective of it living a very grounded lifestyle, not working in, you know, skyscraper, and having all these smart meters and all this that the other thing they were outdoors a lot with their families and enjoying, you know, the West Coast Island lifestyle that I also enjoy as an outdoor enthusiast. So instead of really focusing on what my clients were doing in their lifestyles that were leading to things like accelerated aging, loss of elastin, collagen, fine lines, wrinkles, overnight, redness and signs of inflammation to the eyelids, redness to the cheeks, the corners of the nose, which are all signs of internal inflammation, the skin will simply be displaying that down the line is like a late alarm system, hyperpigmentation, losing of hair, and inability to heal well after some type of scar or traumatic injury. I didn’t want to focus on what were the contributing factors leading to that I actually wanted to focus on what those more more radiant and vibrant clients of mine were doing. And I wrote a whole ebook on it and so now what I do is I study radiance, what is radiance? What is it that makes someone hop on camera or enter a room that is peaceful, gracious, competent, commanding? What is it that makes you want to be around them are they may be doing something with their energetics that you know, you know, with Heart Math and fields and all this stuff that extends at least 10 feet out? What is that? How can we optimize that the skin is It’s just going to come when you do the body, mind, spirit energy stuff, the lifestyle stuff, you’re simply going to get great skin as a byproduct of that. So it’s not just going to the skincare going to the rejuvenation products. It’s how you do the basics. Yes, it’s going to take a lot of work. But let’s lay the foundation, and then we’ll add the other things.

R Blank 15:21
So so it’s not often that at least someone like me meet someone who who knows as much about skin as you do. But it’s even rarer to find someone with that expertise, who also has an understanding of an interest in electromagnetic radiation. So that’s actually, I think, the meat of what we’d like to get into today. And let’s just start starting broad strokes, in what you found so far. How does EMF impact skin,

Rachel Varga 15:53
it’s actually very, very simple. It comes down to the blood when we are, and I mentioned this just briefly earlier, but I’d like to expand on this because you can actually visualize what happens to the blood. When we’re on our phone for five minutes. When you have your phone not in airplane mode and your backpack or your purse, is your blood actually transforms from this nice round doughnut shape red blood cell and which should be moving freely and bumping off other red blood cells, like an inner tube would going you know in a body of water. Those are healthy electromagnetic interactions where there’s just like a little bit of repulsion between each of the red blood cell now, when our electro medics are off, or electromagnetics are off, we are not grounded, we become a little too positive actually. So when we contact the earth barefoot, we’re actually exchanging the, the the excess protons we have and getting this electromagnetic gradient restored, which of course has interaction with your mitochondria. And all of that. Our bodies are heavily electromagnetically centered with everything, like I said, the space between it’s simply a lot of energy in there. So when we’re exposed to electromagnetics, and specifically non ionizing radiation, it changes your blood cell to have sharper edges, no longer nice and smooth and round. And then we get what what’s called Reuleaux happening where the red blood cells they start to stack and form these chains. Kind of like a worm.

R Blank 17:29
What did you call it? You call that? RELO?

Rachel Varga 17:31

R Blank 17:32
How do you what can you spell? I’m sorry, can you spell that?

Rachel Varga 17:35
I don’t think I could spell it right now. Sorry.

Stephanie Warner 17:41
Put it in the show notes.

R Blank 17:43
I didn’t put you on the spot.

Rachel Varga 17:45
No, no, no, it’s fine. I will. I will admit, when I specifically know something after kind of like half know what I’m not gonna expand on it. This is actually a term that I first became aware of only about two or three months ago. Okay, okay. So what happens with Rouleau is it’s almost like the sugar, you know, those sugar bracelets with like the little round candies that you can fight off. Now that’s what happens. And then when the red blood cells start to clump together and form these chains, you’re actually getting clotting factors happening. And then your red blood cells simply aren’t going to be delivering oxygen and nutrients to your brain to your skin, to your other vital organ systems. And then you’re also going to have an over accumulation of things like co2 and toxins because the blood is basically your your lifeforce. It’s like your engine oil, if you don’t have that everything’s gonna seize up and not work very well. You can tell him a little bit of a petrolhead the male audience members will appreciate this. So what happens to the skin is we often can get eye irritation and half the population has what we call dry eye. And I have 11 plus years in the space of ophthalmology and ocular plastic surgery. So you have like your Sedex practice, then you got your plastic surgery practice, then you got your ocular plastic surgery. So that’s where I’ve been living for well over a decade. And the eyes, we only have two of them, so we got to take care of them. But when we are in front of a screen and all that the eyes and this is actually very mainstream. Now if you go on PubMed, look up dry and EMFs you’ll find these articles, there’s at least one that I know about that I’m going to be referencing in my article, my literary review on EMFs in the skin, so we have dry and we have over 50% of the North American population affected by this. They’ll go to drops they’ll go to these really expensive procedures to actually transform the V liquid in the Mobium glanza should be like a nice well flowing liquid but it turns into like a lard or like a fridge type of or room temperature butter. consistency instead of an all Wilkinson See, so you’re not getting the lubrication of the eyes and then you get dry. And then with the skin with the periphery, we actually can get tingling on the on the skin on the cheeks, we can actually experience redness and irritation. So a lot of times people might think, Oh, I have sensitive scan, I’ve been told I have a rosacea, well, maybe your skin just quite simply isn’t getting good blood flow. And maybe you need to focus on at least cleansing the skin morning and night, double cleanse in the evening, by the way, moisturize the skin morning. And that’s like your multivitamin for your skin, sunscreen every single day and exfoliate about five, two to five times a week. And it’s very simple when you think about it that way.

R Blank 20:43
Yeah, one thing, the one thing in that list that you just mentioned, that I have to do religiously is the sunblock. I don’t know if you can you can tell. But ya know, as as Woody Allen used to say, I don’t burn I stroke. So. So that was a long list of of impacts. Right. So So let’s find a way to kind of slice into that a little bit. Are those is the work that you found is that largely in the radiofrequency microwave? segment or of the electromagnetic spectrum? Do you like the wireless radiation? Yeah,

Rachel Varga 21:20
wireless radiation, Bluetooth in specific non ionizing radiation full on radiation, like from nuclear reactors that’s got a whole gamut. Yeah,

R Blank 21:31
the skin is the least of your worries, right?

Rachel Varga 21:35
Yeah, the skin is the least of your worries. But the other interesting thing that you just mentioned are was your skin. And you and I actually have the same skin type. And obviously what we talked about here on the show is not medical advice, educational information only if you think you have a health condition, you must seek the guidance of a licensed physician. Bonus points. If you find a practitioner that understands Western medicine and also functional medicine and practices both those are the rock stars of our generation. So with our skin type are you and I are we have less melanin in our skin. And we’re a little bit more predisposed to skin cancers and accelerated aging. So if you find that you also burn easily outside. There’s also some work that can be done with internal supplementation. I love third party independent lab tests as supplements I love third party independent lab tested everything. And so for me to live this life of an outdoor enthusiast being outside in nature, smelling the bears downwind from them. Seriously, this is my life. I don’t always want to. I don’t always want to slather my body in sunscreen. But if I take certain supplements, if I keep my internal inflammation down, my body is better able to manage UVA and UVB rays, right which essentially former radiation light from your blue light from your laptop studio lighting here. That’s that’s the blue light. And that actually reaches 100 nanometers deeper than what we get outside. So that’s a wavelength of light. So not only are we needing to manage non ionizing radiation, we’re also needing to manage light that can impact the skin. The word sunblock that you used are is actually a misnomer. The correct word for a sun screen type of product is a screen because things will still get through it. So that’s why having good skincare good antioxidant serums to gobble up gobble up the free radicals that can form from that is also really important. So it’s not just about putting sunscreen on. It’s about using sunscreen with built in antioxidants. It’s about using antioxidant serums and moisturizers and it’s about not using chemical sunscreen filters which are known hormone disruptors and are killing our coral reefs. So there’s a lot to know about sunscreen, but basically mineral only if you turn around your moisturizer primary BB cream, CC cream, sensory products, look at the medicinal ingredients if it says anything other than zinc or titanium, and it has anything ending with an own. Those are hormone disruptors, you need to get rid of it. A lot of your listeners tuning into the show may be wanting to optimize their performance. And when we think about the brain, the brain is an organ skins an even bigger organ. All these people dealing with long see brain fog all this that the other thing, what’s to say it’s not related to an inappropriate blood flow, lack of blood flow, right? That’s why we feel so good. When we’re out in nature. We take time off, we get grounded. We aren’t on our computers or laptops. Those are the benefits you’re getting is you’re getting better electromagnetic nuances in your body essentially.

R Blank 24:48
So you just mentioned supplements but without going you didn’t go into detail on that. But are those the same that people can find on your your store is that are those the ones that you’re talking about?

Rachel Varga 25:00
correct when I’m doing interviews, I don’t always add also my practice to I don’t always like to go brand specific, because there can be reasons for a business practices maybe the company reformulates maybe the company got bought by another company and then their quality goes downhill. So on my Easter I Rachel Barger dossier that is my curated list of 13 to 15, skincare brands, hair, stimulating products, makeup, supplements, all these things that I have gone put through the gamut, and I see what my clients keep coming back for and that I’ve worked with for 11 plus years. But with supplements, it’s a little bit of a wild west these days, because you’ll go on your Instagram and your social media. And you’ll you’ll see all these influencers telling you to buy issues you don’t need that’s probably gonna make you sick. Convenience is killing us. They say don’t even get me started on those Bluetooth air pod headsets, like our new smoking. But you really have to become a wiser and more discerning consumer. In literally every aspect of your life these days, and no one’s gonna do it for you. It’s really up to you to learn about these things, which is I’m so thrilled to be on the show here today, the healthier tech podcast to be sharing this information. Because I truly believe that electromagnetic frequencies, specifically non ionizing radiation, is the new smoking of regeneration.

R Blank 26:33
So this might be a little off topic. But just to pull a thread that you hinted at a couple minutes ago, you said the listeners ideally should find a practitioner who’s trained in both Western and non western disciplines as a as an approach to healing. How do people do that? Like, how would a listener go out and follow that advice?

Rachel Varga 26:58
What’s really interesting, so I’m in Canada, and I work with primarily Americans. And what I noticed between the two cultures is in Canada, we show up to a doctor, we’re good with that free information, and a story. In the US Americans are traditionally used to actually paying for their health care. And what I find is there a little bit more willing to maybe like do a little bit of research, they got more skin in the game, almost it seems. The whole thing about blending the best of not just both worlds, but many worlds not just functioning in a box is I personally think you’re just gonna get better care, right? Western approaches to skin and rejuvenation is going to be very cut and dry. Do the skincare do this chemical peels, do these laser treatments for pigmentation, tone, texture and collagen? Do this injectable to soften those lines between your brows, crow’s feet forehead lines, do this filler to pump the cheeks, plump up the cheeks plump up the lips do the surgery to remove excess skin to the eyelids and to facelift all this up. That’s very much like the Western rejuvenation model. Now what I do is I also learn from some of the most brilliant minds in the functional space. We’re talking JJ virgin, Dave Asprey, you know, Dr. Mercola, all these people that are really on the forefront of say, hey, wait a second, we know that these oils are terrible for us, we know that these foods are highly inflammatory this that you think if you can combine all that lifestyle stuff that might start to be like a little bit fringe, but then you get results from it. And these, these people are getting results from it. And I just when I became intertwined, and interwoven and connected with these very high level types of types of practitioners and speakers, they were actually telling me that some of the clients that they were working with patients they were working with, were actually having issues with some of their rejuvenation procedures, side effects, things like that. It’s like, okay, what’s going on here? What’s what’s happening? Because I’m, you know, I see people have great results, right, but I’m also careful who I attracted work with, I was tending to work with a very healthy population also. But they said, you know, it’s usually people with autoimmune stuff, things that have other diseases in the background. And then I started to dig a little deeper in here, and realize that it really all comes down to this toxic bucket. Right. So this toxic bucket theory of if you keep adding to this bucket of toxins that your body has to deal with and manage, when you add one more thing, which could be rejuvenation is going to tip over or you have an exposure to some type of environmental toxin, it’s going to tip over you’re going to have things manifest in your skin and all sorts of stuff. So, not all practitioners are will trying to do the work to expand on the information that they paid a lot of money for in their education. The best healers that I know of are those that are constantly learners, right? They’re kind of always in school, they’re always getting more credentials. So I thought, wait a second, these people are different. They’re practicing in a different way. Why do we have to stay in a box who says we can’t expand our wheelhouse of ways that we can serve ourselves or families and communities. So it comes down to also finding a practitioner that’s in resonance with you. And you’ll see this on YouTube you’ll see different YouTube influencers giving you skin advice, and you look in their eyes and it’s like, Hello anybody home.

Right? There’s there’s none of this vitality vibrance radiant, see high vibe attributes. And of course, they’re promoting these skincare products that are very cheap, easy to access over the counter, to dropping their Amazon legs, they’re dropping their today links. And they’re making bank on this stuff, but they’re not actually helping people skin get healthier. It’s just like a band aid. And, you know, it’s obviously even get to contribute to toxic stress or so when I write articles, I speak to providing optimal rejuvenation to the eyelids, the jaw line, my rejuvenation algorithm, you can find my research articles on my website, Rachel varga.ca/research. A couple of them are open sourced. But the theme is how do we get optimal rejuvenation, and what I’ve started sprinkling in my papers is actually good faith health exam, each and every time someone’s coming in for something is their autoimmune stuff running in the background. If they’re not feeling well, if say they’re just you know, low energy, they’re, they’re fighting something, maybe they’re toxic bucks little folder, they’re looking inflamed, even, maybe delay the rejuvenation, and maybe go towards other things like skincare and lasers and dermal rolling instead of some of these other non surgical options, it’s actually been very well received. So for me to segue into a different type of esthetics practitioner, you never really know how your colleagues are going to take it if it’s going to be well received, or if you’re gonna get outed. And they could say, it is very well received internationally in both the USA and UK, which I’m very grateful for. And it’s very humbling actually.

R Blank 32:28
So you’ve you’ve given here a lot of strategies, or indications for the types of resilience and rejuvenation work that that people can do when you’re working with a client or a patient. What are the types of EMF mitigation that you recommend as part of your treatment regimen?

Rachel Varga 32:47
Oh, yeah. So I mean, this isn’t technically a treatment regimen, because we can’t make health claims here. But where I like to at least start is okay, I’m working with the client in a virtual setting like this. I was, I was doing virtual stuff back in 2017 2018. Everyone thought it was nice. They’re like, why are you working back there and a little shed on their property, talking to people on the other side of the country, I was like, there’s something to this people in my local community don’t you know, other people deserve to know this stuff, too. So then I kind of opened it up internationally. And I work with primarily Americans and those in the UK and such, then I help them find clinics near them and give them the skin skincare routine that they can follow at home and give them that plan and ongoing support. And when I’m working with someone, I actually always like to sit down with them and say, Hey, what are you doing to purify your air water lighting? And electromagnetics? And are you doing regular cleansing? And then I’ll get a sense of you know, are they a beginner biohacker? Are they mediate? Or are they advanced and I love nerding out on this stuff because what purifying your air water lighting electromagnetics and regular cleansings do is they just allow you to be your most purest version, which is going to be allowing you to be your most truest or authentic version. I like the word pure and true a little bit more than authentic, kind of has a deeper meaning to me. So when I’m talking about EMFs right away, turn your phone on airplane mode. Don’t give your cell phone number out when you’re wanting to work, keep it more professional, keep it on your, your email, and not so much on your phone because you’re gonna get that high beta cortisol dumping when you get dings and calls and stuff like that need to convert Dave Asprey taught me is like reaching over your cell phone number. And so I owe him credit for that. So keep the phone on airplane mode silent check it when you want to check it so that you’re also in a good energy to connect with people like say, you’re just not feeling yourself that day or you know something’s off something’s happened, you might not actually be in the best headspace to connect and for both personal and professional reasons, so that Okay, we’re living in this very strange world where we’re always connected. We’re always accessible. And we know exactly well probably not what’s happening on the other side of the world this is too much for our amazing brains but there’s still like only this big and so we have to make sure that we’re limiting our influence and also autonomic nervous system dysregulated stressors that’s what I call them so Okay, that was

Stephanie Warner 35:29
a mouthful

Rachel Varga 35:31
autonomic nervous system. Your ans you got to learn to master this are you said resilience, you want to be a resilient human. If I’ve been in two crashes, two car crashes, none were my fault actually on the second one was on my way to the ocean to do my cold therapy up to my jawline for nine minutes. And the ocean in here in Canada’s is cold all the time. It’s not like we’re in Hawaii, like it’s it’s not bathtub water, it’s very cold, like hypothermia and 14 minutes situation. So focusing on first starting to turn your phone on airplane mode. If I’m on my laptop, I turn the Bluetooth off. Everything in my home is not connected to Bluetooth. So I don’t have Bluetooth speakers. Yes, I have a Bluetooth printer. But then I made sure that that’s turned off and in fact, actually turned off. Because with digital devices, they’re kind of always looking for you to interact with it. It’s always on. So for example, my vehicle is old school Landrover. And so when I turn that key, it responds to me. But with all these smart cars, you get your fob, you get close to your car, oh, it’s gonna wake up because it knows you’re nearby. And so we have to be very aware of that, that digital technology is always looking for us to respond to it, and it’s always on, literally have to actually unplug it. So it doesn’t have a power source. I’m a huge fan of shrouding, so it fits up there. So shrouding is essentially literally covering your book covering your body. So you can use different bed canopies, you can use different types of sheets, and fabric, so I actually sleep with protective bedding. And the hood comes over my eyes, and then I literally like cocooned myself in this. So for about seven, eight hours a night, my body is not getting inundated with non ionizing radiation, so my blood has a chance to actually actually flow properly and get a little bit of break. Sometimes I’m working I’m wearing different types of protective clothing. The only problem with that is Ladies Gentlemen, the EMF protective clothing out there. I know what you’re gonna say. It’s for the guys. Okay, so it’s for the guys. So I went for about a year and a half, two years looking like I was on the looking like I was on Star Trek. And yes, I grew up watching Star Trek. It’s just not the most feminine look, I’m just gonna say that. So we still want to have style, we still want to be beautiful, and have that balance of masculine and feminine. So at least try and sleep and be shrouded that way. I really think you have to shroud yourself. There’s lots of things that we can do for our homes, to reduce dirty electricity. Turn your router off at night. Those are really simple things to do as well. So Airplane Mode on Bluetooth off router off at night and shrouding yourself. And of course I have these fabulous headsets that I purchased myself from you. And they’re great they’re super comfortable. By the way can you explain to me if these headsets are changing the the digital is is it changing the acoustic waves from like a digital wave to an acoustic wave for sound? Yeah, so

R Blank 38:51
that yeah, so air tubes, they work by because normal headsets normal wired headsets they they transmit the sound as a signal on the wire and with air tubes that gets converted just to air vibrations partway up the end so so yeah, it goes from from signal to actual airwaves

Rachel Varga 39:12
that’s what I thought okay, thank goodness. I hadn’t actually like researched but I kind of figured because the the digital acoustic waves are going to be in a different frequency than say the the waves that we get when I play my my Gibson Les Paul guitar and all Sure yeah. And then you know the sounds we get outside in nature. Those are all acoustics, sound waves which our ears were designed to handle. So yeah, your headsets Thank you.

Stephanie Warner 39:40
I also noticed in the background and maybe this has something to do with you know how you handle EMF and and exposure in your in your office setting. But I noticed the lighting and I also noticed your glasses. Do you have any tips for our listeners about things they can do right in their work environment when you’re kind of have to be in front of your computer?

Rachel Varga 39:59
Oh, Such a great question, Stephanie. Thank you. Actually on the Rachael Barker podcast, I just did a house and home special episode, where I focused on some of my favorite topics for air water lighting and electromagnetic radiation. And because I have finally just had a chance to try out the NFIB products, I’m very excited to be adding your products also to my Favorites page at Rachael Varga dossier. So what I like to do in my office is I got some air purifiers in here, I have the true light lightsaber six are pretty cool. Feel like I’m on the set of Star Wars. Yeah, they

Stephanie Warner 40:35
definitely add a nice tone and balance.

Rachel Varga 40:38
Yes, and then I also have another red light here. And I like having red light actually in my office when I have my studio lighting on, because it just kind of helps to counteract the like Stark brightness of these white LED lights. And because I’m on my laptop for many hours in a day, I like to wear protective lenses. These are the Viva rays. I really like Rudy, who makes a company, these are pretty slick looking glasses. I’ve tried a number of other ones style is important to me as late. And I like these ones, because you can actually put on out of different lenses as well and make the prescription. So I’m gonna be doing that. I know he’s not, I’m not paid to mention that. But these are just things that I do to help myself, I keep my cell phone in a protective case and on airplane mode, and I’m not using it. I like to stand so that we’re going to see this epidemic of like flat bottoms, you actually get muscle atrophy of your gluteal muscles when you’re sitting on it. Yeah, it’s a big, and I sense

Stephanie Warner 41:46
that makes a lot of sense. And we do a lot of sitting.

Rachel Varga 41:50
So I like to stand I like to be able to move, I like to be able to add a couple times when I’m on a session. Just look outside and change my eye focus as well. And when you have your gaze, I call this the beauty in the biohacker podcast, Katie, she said, actually, when you change your gaze, it actually does something to your brain to help boost creativity. And then I have my husband in the next room. So sometimes I’ll go smooch him and then I’ll get some of this free floating testosterone.

R Blank 42:23
That’s the first time I’ve heard of that as an EMF mitigation tactic.

Stephanie Warner 42:26
Yeah. I love it. I love it. And just so you know, I’ve been sitting here very quietly listening to all of this great information. And I think, you know, you mentioned so many different, you know, things that you can look into or our listeners can look into, could you break down just three two to three simple things that say a listener who maybe isn’t doesn’t have a skincare routine could do you know, easily implement into their lives?

Rachel Varga 42:56
Oh, such a great question. Three, I’m 75 There’s the quintessential five key basics to healthy skin. Now I’ve only learned this because of my clinical experience when I would have clients on a basic routine, cleansing morning and night with the double cleanse in the evening, not just a splash of water but actually using a cleanser that’s designed for their skin needs a double cleanse in the evening. So the first clients will take off the dirt, oil debris, dead skin cosmetic creams makeup, that’s why air purification in the home is so important for the skin also. And then your second cleanse is actually gonna be washing your face and then rinsing that off looking at eyelids neck side of the neck, top of the chest top of the back. It’s kind of one unit so that you’re not in your 60s and have floating head syndrome. No floating head syndrome ladies and gentlemen. So cleansing morning and night really key. So whatever cleanser you have at home, just make sure you’re not doing the splash water and make sure you’re rinsing it off fully. And with all of your products make sure that they’re free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, artificial dyes fragrances however for fragrances, I check with the manufacturers of products I work with to make sure that they are not using a ballet fragrances, sometimes fragrances and a product well, most of the time is a trade secret. And it’s it can be a blend of essential oils which are, you know, totally fine. And so then you’re moisturizing the skin. So that’s step two, you can get away with a moisturizer for the face, eyelids, neck, chest tans. Sometimes you’ll want a different eye cream sometimes you want in neck cream, sometimes you want to antioxidant serum, but at least at least put a moisturizer on your skin that’s free of toxins to nourish the skin and protect it. Then you want to be using your sunscreen every single day. So even if you’re kicking it at home, you still got your LEDs by the way. If you have overhead LED lights in your home, change those to halogen that’s going to give you more of that full spectrum. Lighting, LEDs convenience is killing us these days those you know, Bluetooth headsets that are irradiating your brain literally. Hey, great way to become an airhead. That’s a bad joke. That is a very bad joke. That’s not a good joke to be making.

But what we want to make sure that we’re doing is we’re changing out our LED lights overhead. And I actually partially I should, I should actually do a litter article review on this, that I think that LEDs in the home are actually contributing to hair loss. Because the LED lights above us. Like I said before, blue light reaches 100 nanometers deeper in the skin than UVA and UVB rays do, right, very important that we remember these things. So change your lighting, your electrician or your partners is going to think you’re not because LEDs cheap, lasts forever. But like I said, convenience isn’t always good for us these days. So sunscreen every single day mineral sunscreen, literally every day, and the eyelids are definitely important to pay attention to the eyes are the first area of the face to show aging. And to carry that down to the neck, the sides of the neck gentleman, ladies with short hair, do the back of the neck too. And always put your leftover products on your hands and maybe your arms. And then you need to exfoliate about two to five times a week, like I mentioned before, but I’ll expand on that. So you can maybe use a scrub that you have at home. Just make sure it’s not a sugar, salt, rice, apricot Hall scrub cranberry Hall scrub charcoal scrub, because up close, those particles are very jagged in their appearance. Like those red blood cells. We want nice smooth type of polishing particles to buff and polish the skin not scratch in tear. I actually I do a lot of teaching and I’m teaching oral surgeon that we did an online session on doing an in clinic session for him coming up here. And he said, Oh, I can’t stand all these charcoal toothpaste because they ruin the enamel. And we’re seeing all these trendy things right people brushing their teeth with black charcoal, and you see all this, all these face products. We saw that with CBD and this that the other thing so it’s like really stick with a trend to avoid the trends. And don’t just look for that one several bullets gonna be a couple things so gently exfoliating two to five times a week is really important. Because with the skin the top layer of the skin what we see is called the stratum corneum. It looks like cornflakes. And if you’re not careful, those cornflakes can trap oxidative stressors like dirt, oil, debris, dead skin, cosmetic creams and makeup. So if you’re complaining of dry skin and irritated skin and you’re afraid to scrub or afraid to cleanse because someone told you on YouTube, that that was the right thing to do, or just to be water slasher, then you’re actually having those oxidative stressors build up and create oxidative stress in the skin. So you got to clear out the old make room for the new. So gently. Exfoliating is really important. And again, it’s really tricky finding good products. So that’s where I come in handy. I pre bet pre that everything. And then maybe doing an overnight mask to exfoliate and hydrate the skin or doing some type of at home peel. So cleanse, moisturize sunscreen, scrub, and add home masks and peels. And then you can add things like dermal rollers onto that take great supplements to your healthy living practices. But those five things, you could probably start to optimize with whatever products you have now. And then, you know book a session with me and that will make sure that you’re going to be hyper focused with what you’re doing for your skin needs. So that that product that you’re buying that says it’s gonna do this, this, this this this, you’re hoping it’s going to do that, right. But not all products are created equally, just like EMF mitigating, mitigating devices, it’s I if I’m going to be totally honest with you, I think that the EMF mitigating devices, is a minefield of gimmicks these days. And the same thing goes with skincare and skin cell phones, you have a really careful because I think some of these EMF mitigation, amulets and things like that can actually contain quite a bit of heavy metals. And I’m sure you guys know all about that. But yes, Buyer Beware these days.

R Blank 49:16
So you mentioned people, booking sessions with you. So that’s on your website, right? Where should people go for that?

Rachel Varga 49:24
Yeah, Rachel varga.ca is where you can find me. And if use promo code sy B 15. That will get you 15% off also oh and I love I love just sitting down you know I’ll do sessions for you are and Stephanie and we’ll sit down and you can let me know what your skin goals are. Whether that’s dry skin, red skin, sensitive skin hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, hair stimulation, and then all

R Blank 49:55
ship has sailed for me Rachel

Rachel Varga 49:59
has So all of us over these last couple years, I was actually losing my edges as well. And over the last two months, I’ve been using particular products to actually get my edges back, then Kevin’s my hair is my thing. And it’s a lot of fun. And I will, there’s a lot of people online that really kind of move away from the one on one stuff, they’re like, I’m too good for this one on one stuff, I get to do group trading, and all this stuff. It’s like, I love the one on ones because I actually learned so much from my clients. And I tend to attract a lot of intuitive empaths and hypersensitive individuals to electromagnetics. I suppose like attracts like, like attracts like, or from an electromagnetic perspective, opposites attract. But that’s kind of not where I was going. But having the plan, I think that when it comes to EMF mitigation, when it comes to skincare, when it comes to rejuvenation, when it comes to getting the right guidance on using things like Derma rolling, it’s sort of the Wild Wild West, I find, you can only get a certain level of information on these topics for free. But then what happens is you start to invest in yourself both personally, professionally pay a little bit of money to this person here a little bit to that. And this concept of sending and receiving, there’s something energetically to that, like what I mentioned before, with practitioners, when you got a little skin in the game, you’re probably going to be receiving something a little bit deeper back, then just like a free exchange, right? There’s some things that are free like this episode here. But for the most part, when you just invest a little bit into maybe being in someone’s energy and picking their brain and having a more concise plan than trying to have at it yourself can actually be a very good strategic move for leveling up yourself both personally and professionally.

Stephanie Warner 52:03
So we know where to find you on your website. And we we know where your your podcasts lives. And I’m sure you mentioned this on either of those platforms. But where can we find you on YouTube because I’m a huge fan of YouTube and I’m definitely adding you because I I get lost very easily and all the information and I love to to connect with you and watch your content on YouTube.

Rachel Varga 52:29
Thank you, Stephanie. It’s very actually quite interesting. The demographic I see on YouTube versus the podcast. When I had when I first started my YouTube channel, Rachel Varga official is how you can find me there I was doing actually a lot of plastic surgery reviews. And you know, those videos blew up. If I wanted to have a million subscribers on that channel, that would have been the route to do. But I don’t like doing that. Those celebrities or people to you know, I don’t want to be nitpicking them. So where I focused on on YouTube is that’s where actually housed all of my interviews. And I do the live raw, unedited. If you were to meet me, what you see is what you get. This is me, I don’t have time to edit anyways. So that’s where I host all my live interview. So you can join in, you can ask your questions in the comment section, how I have it set up, it’s a lot of fun. But I do more deeper content on the apple, iTunes and Spotify platforms where I can go more audio only and say things that YouTube might not let me say like might have been deemed fair. Yeah. So there’s unfortunately that happening on Facebook and YouTube. As soon as I say things that really matter, you simply will never see it. So that’s why I recommend catch the interviews live on YouTube, join the community that way. But do check out the audio only Rachel Vargo podcasts because that’s where the gems are. And I give tons of live almost daily free updates on there too. So great way to say on the street neuro for free.

Stephanie Warner 54:01
So well thank you very much.

R Blank 54:03
Yeah, Rachel, this has been a I mean, your knowledge is very impressive, but your enthusiasm kind of brings it brings it over the top and it’s just a really engaging way this this interview has been has been fantastic. I really appreciate you taking the time to join us on the healthier tech podcast today.

Rachel Varga 54:19
Well, it’s a little bit selfish. I mean, as you can imagine when I learned about all these things like skin optimization, improving my cellular health slowing my cellular aging, obviously I reaped the benefits of it. So what I do is I try all this stuff out and I get the results I see it in the mirror right I’ve before I used to do about 60% in clinic rejuvenation lasers in New York doubles 40% Home Care lifestyle. Now I’m 90% homecare lifestyle Derma rolling at home peels and only 10% and clinics stuff. And I’m looking in the mirror and I’m like okay, I’m due for this that the other thing but wow, my skin sure is looking great. I you know, I don’t need that anymore. It’s just crazy. So I Just report back. And it’s actually very selfish. What I learned because I get to reap the benefits. So it’s a really fun journey, but it’s the radiant stuff, the radiant stuff that people are missing, and it’s heavily tied to electromagnetics. So thank you for the work that you are all doing here on the show. Oh, shucks.

R Blank 55:16
Thank you. And we’ll have links to everything that you said in the show notes. So thank you again, Rachel. This has been really fantastic.

Rachel Varga 55:24
I look forward to having you on the show as well.

Announcer 55:28
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