S3 Ep 076 Andrew Pace Wants You To Optimize Your Home for Human Occupancy

In this episode, Andrew Pace explains how there is no difference between building a quality home and building a healthy home.
S3 Ep 076 Andrew Pace


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Show Notes

Today, I am thrilled to welcome Andrew Pace, a seasoned expert in healthy living and sustainable building practices. With over 30 years of experience, he is a passionate advocate for healthy building design and environmental wellness.

But even though he is in high demand for global projects as a healthy home consultant, his true passion lies in educating and empowering people. Through his company, GDC/Building For Health, Andrew continues to lead the way in providing healthy home solutions and knowledge to people worldwide. Get ready to embark on a journey of discovery with our guest, Andrew Pace, as he shares his wealth of wisdom in the world of health-conscious living.

S3 Ep 076 Andrew Pace

In this episode, you will hear: 

  • The difference between green homes and healthy homes. 
  • Why “eco-friendly” products are not always healthy for human occupants. 
  • Finding your personal level of green. 
  • What a VOC is and why they aren’t always the bad option. 
  • Where you can find out more information about building a healthy home for you and your family. 
  • Chemical sensitivity and how the pandemic has brought attention to human healthy homes. 
  • Cost for cost, there is no difference between building a quality home and building a healthy home.
  • Top emitters in the house and making the biggest differences you can make now. 

Healthy building expert Andrew Pace uses his 30+ years of experience to dedicate to the discussion and education of home health and human wellness. With over 30,000 satisfied clients all over the world, Andrew has a keen awareness of the issues relating to chemical sensitivity, green building, mold remediation, and toxicity reduction. As a healthy home consultant, Andrew continues to be sought after to assist on projects all over the world, but his true passion is to educate as many folks as possible. Andrew’s company GDC/Building For Health, continues to be the global leader of healthy home supply and education.

Connect with Andrew Pace:

Website: https://www.thegreendesigncenter.com/ 

Non Toxic Environments Podcast: https://www.thegreendesigncenter.com/non-toxic-environments/ 

Instagram: https://instagram.com/nontoxicenvironments 

Facebook: https://facebook.com/greendesigncenter 

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