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JOMO: It’s Time to Embrace the Joy of Missing Out

‘The concept of JOMO is all about being content with where you are in your life. It requires you to stop comparing your life with others and worrying whether you are doing something wrong by being the way you are.’

do nothing
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Reconnect with your Real-World Self by Doing Nothing

‘Since your mind is constantly engaged in absorbing digital information, you get little chance to explore yourself in the real world. And that’s not good because the real world is where things like contentment, joy, and happiness reside—the things that actually matter the most in life.’

Digital Dementia
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Digital Dementia: Consequences of Outsourcing Your Brain to Smartphones

‘Experts are calling digital dementia a modern-day health epidemic.

The symptoms of digital dementia are almost identical to dementia symptoms. The only difference is that dementia only affects people as they age.

And digital dementia can affect even children with developing brains.’