Lloyd Burrell on Electrosensitivity & Wifi Allergies – The Healthier Tech Podcast: Ep 004

In this episode, released on July 6, 2021, we welcome one of the most important voices in our field Lloyd Burrell. Lloyd is founder of the website ElectricSense.com and the creator of the EMF Health Summit which introduced EMFs to an audience of over 200,000 people.

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The Healthier Tech Podcast is the show bringing you a practical solutions-based approach to understanding how best to live in balance with our increasing reliance on tech.

The show from, Shield Your Body, brings you expert voices that clearly explain the science that matters to you, and the usable tips that you can use to live healthier, while defending against the health risks of modern day technologies.

In this episode we welcome one of the most important voices in our field Lloyd Burrell. Lloyd is founder of the website ElectricSense.com and the creator of the EMF Health Summit which introduced EMFs to an audience of over 200,000 people. Learn more about, and register for, the EMF Health Summit at https://emfhealth.byhealthmeans.com/?idev_id=31289

Lloyd is the author of two publications on EMFs with his latest being ‘EMF Practical Guide’ and with one of the most engaged audiences in the sector he is a powerful communicator on the vitally important subject of health and wellbeing issues caused by Electro Sensitivity. Due to his own painful experiences as a sufferer of EHS health problems, Lloyd is on a mission to raise awareness about the dangers of electromagnetic fields from cell phones and similar devices with a focus of increasing understanding on the subject and sharing practical solutions.

In this episode you will hear:

  • What are EMFs and which devices emit them?
  • Lloyd’s battle with EMF
  • Strategies to protect yourself and your family
  • Signs and symptoms of EMF sensitivity
  • Challenges to getting wider understanding and acceptance of EMF sensitivity
  • How EMF can affect unborn children

For more information on the subject covered today head to https://www.shieldyourbody.com/ for resources, in-depth articles, free tips and PDF guides to learn all about EMF, health and protection.

For more information on Lloyd and his important work head to https://www.electricsense.com/


R Blank 0:02
Hello, everyone, I’m R Blank and welcome to another episode of the healthier tech podcast the podcast about a healthier approach to living alongside modern technology. Today I’m welcoming Lloyd Berle to the podcast. For those who already in the SV community, Lloyd needs no introduction. He is one of the most important voices in translating and communicating EMF health issues to the broader public through his website, electric sense, calm, he has a huge mailing list, and he generates a tremendous amount of content. And now he’s also running the EMF health summit following last year’s healing with vibration summit. I honestly don’t understand how Lloyd has the time even to sleep, much less appear on my podcast, but I am thrilled that we have. And we’re going to be talking about electromagnetic sensitivity or EHS and it goes by some other names too. And if you don’t already know what it is, you can think of it as an allergic reaction to EMF. And this is such an important topic because here it is, Why be were contacted by more and more people every single day, who suffer from EHS and some of whom are just realizing it, because a lot of people have these symptoms, but are only just discovering that this condition exists and is the cause. And Lloyd comes to this topic from a very personal place.

Lloyd Burrell 1:14
And it was never about earning money. It was about just getting the message out was very scary for me. And the that fear has gone out of it. Now

R Blank 1:25
he got into the EMF and health community after he started experiencing EHS himself so all his information comes from his direct experience before we begin a brief word. This podcast is brought to you by my company shield your body, where it is our mission to help make technology safer for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Inspired by the life’s work of my father, Dr. Martin blank, one of the world’s leading EMF scientists, I found it shield your body in 2012. We provide a ton of great and free resources for you to learn all about EMF radiation, like articles, ebooks, webinars, videos, and this podcast. And we also have a world class catalog of Laboratory Tested EMF and 5g protection products from our phone pouch and laptop pad all the way up to our bed canopy. All of our shielding products are Laboratory Tested and include a lifetime warranty. Learn more about our products, why we have hundreds of 1000s of satisfied customers around the world and shield your body calm that shield your body, all one word.com and use promo code pod to save 15% on your first order and free shipping throughout North America and Europe. So I’m really excited to welcome Lloyd ferral to the podcast. Let’s get started. Welcome, Lloyd, thank you so much for making the time to join the healthier tech podcast. Yes, thank you so much. It’s a real pleasure to be here. So let’s just dive right right into things. How did you discover that you were sensitive to EMF?

Lloyd Burrell 2:50
Hmm. So that is a question. One that I’ve been asked many, many times. And it was really just a reaction to my cell phone, which came on out the blue one day, as I said, previously, when I was chatting here, I live in France and move to France in like 1994 and was kind of living the dream, everything was really going rather well. I was running my own business, which is a rental business at the time. And we just moved into new house, young kids, great relationship, my wife, friends, everything working out looking after myself with everything young ish guy, still still am. And one day in 2002, I put the cell phone to my head. And I experienced this rather bizarre reaction. And it went from bizarre to unpleasant to just totally unbearable, over the space of a few phone calls. And I can remember the scene very, very clearly, you know, it’s it’s it’s, it’s really imprinted on my brain. All of this What happened? Because I’ve gone back and thought about it many times, obviously. And I’ve talked about it many times. And people were calling me to rent holiday homes, basically. And that’s why I was answering the phone. And it you know, people said, Well, how do you know it was your phone? Well, you know, it was just like it was I could not keep the phone next to my head after just a few phone calls. And I said I’ve told the story many times I’ve told it to quite a few doctors as well. And I say jokingly you know he got so bad. I say when see my doctor, and I did and the doctors a friend and he gave me the one server and he could basically find nothing wrong with me. And it just got worse and worse and worse because not only was I racked into my cell phone in a very short period of time because I stopped using the cell phone basically gave the cell phone to my wife because in those days everybody didn’t have a cell phone like now and I started working on the computer more, and you know, just taking calls on the landline. And then I was reacting to the computer, I was acting to the TV, the radio in the car, and even the corded landline. And this was like no place to run, no place to hide. And it was really very disturbing because I didn’t know anything about EMF ‘s, frankly, I didn’t want to particularly know anything about EMF, I just wanted this, whatever this was to go away. And nobody told me what it was. And I went to all the specialists and everything. And, and then one day, and I did obviously I did try and go online and look, but this is 2002. And there wasn’t a lot of information. And it wasn’t like websites like there are now. And plus I couldn’t actually go in front of the computer. So it was kind of catch 22. And then one day, about two and a half years after this whole episode when I was in this living hell, frankly, our It was a living hell because I couldn’t do so many things I couldn’t do and I was my health was deteriorating because I got these kind of immediate symptoms when I was using my cell phone, but then I got all these other symptoms, you know, just couldn’t be around anything electrical. And

I could sleep and sleep asleep and I was just, you know, just absolutely exhausted the whole time walking around like a zombie with very mysterious aches and pains, digestive issues, you know, all kinds of joint pains and inexplicable pains, really inexplicable stuff, like at the time I was playing tennis, and I’ve got tennis elbow, in the other elbow kind of thing, things like weird things. And I came across this article in The Daily Telegraph. Now telegraph is quite a highbrow newspaper, I don’t know if it exists still, I still print newspapers. In the UK, I think they do. But anyway, and it was talking about this gentleman who was a CEO of a big food group in the UK. And he couldn’t use his cell phone, couldn’t use a computer was dictating everything to his secretary was running around in a clapped out old car, he was like feeling the cell towers, as he was going down the motorway, you know, down the highway, whatever. And he was like, well, this is me, this is what I’m going through. And he was and this guy was having to switch the electric stuff at night to get to sleep. And they put a name to it. And this was like, this was such a relief, because literally I thought I was going mad, I thought I was the only person on the planet that had this. And this is how it all started. And from that point forward, that gave me a huge kick up the backside, to stop just buying all these gadgets and things which I’ve been doing to try and make it go away. And really start looking at this seriously. That took me the best part of 10 years really to get my health back on track, which is where I am today. I’m very I feel very fortunate and blessed to have experienced this thing and come out the other side. Because I know that’s not the case with everybody.

R Blank 8:14
Yeah, no, I mean, that’s that’s a pretty incredible story leads me to a lot of questions. But one off the top that I have is Do you have any idea of? I mean, because one day you were using the phone just fine. And then the next day, you weren’t? Do you have any sense? Or did you learn in retrospect, what triggered those symptoms in you?

Lloyd Burrell 8:35
I think it was a whole load of things. So I’ve always been quite sensitive, but I never knew it. So I’ve just and I never realized I was kind of sensitive to energy. And that was really the big revelation that came after all of this. There was a lot of, you know, putting things together in my mind, a lot of clarity that came from you know, a what a huge amount of clarity which is coming from this Holy Spirit. And that’s why it’s so mean at the time it was it was really a living hell, it was really tough. on me, it was really tough for my family, particularly my wife, but I had very supportive family around me. I was even tough on the kids, you know, because I mean, who is this guy? You know? I mean, what do you know, when they when they’re like that age, whatever. They were quite young, but you know, like all kids, what do they want? They want the latest cell phone, and my kids were allowed. And they did they do have them now obviously they’re olders. I don’t really have much to say about that. But it was a tough time. And yeah, it’s I don’t exactly know what it was. But I do have this sensitivity and a sensitivity to energy. And this is really what’s it this is the path that I’ve took subsequently is to really this was not even subsequently the time I was exploring this whole area energy field. And this is really what I’ve continued to do in my work. And I talk about EMF, but I talk the more about the more and more in the context of energy. And I believe that, you know, people are sensitive to these EMF. And this is really kind of, it’s not the right way of saying it, because actually everybody is sensitive to EMF. And that’s what the science is telling us. I know, you know, the science very well also. And that’s, you know, the EMF impact everybody, that’s what the science is saying. It’s just as some people can feel it, and some people can’t, and I, and I can feel EMF and I can feel other stuff. So

R Blank 10:36
and I actually think that a lot more people can feel it than realize they feel it, that there’s, it’s impacting them in ways that their bodies can feel and is impacting their lives, but they just don’t put two and two together, because they don’t think of this stuff as an impactful force.

Lloyd Burrell 10:52
This is true, and this is why I’m doing one of the reasons I’m doing the work I’m doing. And that’s possibly one of the reasons you’re doing the this work, the important work that you’re doing to get the message out, because we know the dangers for whatever, you know, I’ve lived them, you’ve kind of lived them through your your father’s work and got involved with all of that. And I think it’s it’s it just becomes like there’s nothing more important that they saw, this is a mission for me. So I do earn money now from what I, you know, this whole EMF thing, but I didn’t when I started. And I did it for years, and I never earned a penny. And it was never about earning money. It was about just getting the message out. Because it was it was it was very scary for me. And the the that fear has gone out of it now. And like, you know, like with the whole COVID thing, there’s a lot of people living in fear. I’m not one of them. Because you know, whatever might happen to me with the COVID. I mean, it pales in comparison to what I went through with this. Maybe that will be proved wrong, but that’s the way I feel. So that’s how, you know how impactful this whole EMF this cell phone episode, but this wider, you know, EMF electromagnetic field is manmade EMF. That’s how profound this has been for me.

R Blank 12:21
So you started there talking about getting getting the message out? And I think that that, that speaks to some of the motivation that you had, when when launching your website at Has it always been an electric sense? Calm?

Lloyd Burrell 12:36
Yeah, it has, you know, yes, that’s like 2009. And I can remember when see the family in Chesterfield in the UK. And I got somebody, an Indian guy for like, $50, we created a website. And I remember like Christmas day even I was going and checking if he’d done his work and whatnot. And it was. And so yeah, it was, and I’ve always been very driven behind this project right from the beginning. And I did actually try and do something else online. And it just was a complete failure. And I, you know, I mean, I really did try. I mean, I tried for years with this other thing online, it was an affiliate marketing thing, nothing to do with EMF, and it got nowhere. And this, this electric sense thing, I just filmed a video in my front room. And I put that online on YouTube. Well, that was the days when YouTube was censored, like it is today. Put it on the website. And it just started from there. And people started, I was blown away by the reaction I got and it just grew from that.

R Blank 13:50
So you know what, I’m electric sense calm today. And we’re going to talk a little bit about that. But I’m wondering what, you know, what were you covering back in 2009, as you’ve mentioned, you know, the landscape of information and awareness was just was not the same back then. So when you say you started that website to get the message out, what was the message at that time?

Lloyd Burrell 14:13
Well, actually, there was no real strategy here. And I was rather angry with this whole thing. That you know, I was really about the effects on children. That’s really what got me most and still gets me most today. So yeah, EMF affects everyone. Okay, but you’re, you know, you’re You’re a big boy or big girl, you can you know, you can look after yourself. And it’s true that people aren’t being told the truth and maybe we’ll talk a little bit about that. And, and also the Another important thing to understand in the research is that these effects are cumulative. So the more you add, you know, this dose response relationship, as you know, and the more you expose yourself, then the higher the risks, you know, this is what the science is telling us. And neither, you know, me, you or anybody can say this is all cut and dried in any, you know, at all. But there is some very compelling science behind this science, which is being twisted, which has been perverted, which people need to know the truth, and, but it was really the effects on children it was, that’s what disturbs me the most. And I remember having a conversation, you know, because I wanted to start a website, I didn’t have an intention to start a website, and I didn’t know what to do on and the friend said to me, will, you know, what you’re passionate about. And I said, well, cell phone radiation, and it goes, what it’s like, when I see a child with a cell phone, it really upsets me. And to these days, still really upsets me, and I try not to, you know, get drawn in by that. And so I channel my energy into what I do on the internet. And that’s really what I’ve been doing. And it started, frankly, it was very amateurish at the beginning. And my, all my posts are there right from the beginning. And, you know, and I’m not a writer, I’m not a scientist, I’m not a writer, I have a background in accountancy. So like, we call it an ACA in the UK, which is a CPA in the States. And that’s what my qualification is. And here, you know, and then I find myself flung into this world of a vmfs. And it was always the passion, it was always To tell the truth, and to communicate it in a way that people could could get, you know, it was like, You need to understand this kind of thing. And it’s always been that like, communicating to people at a level where they can understand it, because I’ve interviewed quite a lot of people on this subject, and some of them brilliant, but some of them not able to communicate, you know, what needs to be communicated. And I think also, I’ve learned from that also, is these interviews that I’ve done, I, you know, in terms of the content and the, also the presentational skills of all these people that I’ve interviewed, and maybe, you know, I like to think maybe some of that brushed up on me, and I don’t consider myself a, you know, I prefer, you know, a professional interviewer Ernie, interviewee nee, neither do I consider myself an expert on this, some people out there are claiming to be experts on EMF ‘s, and I’m not one of them. And I just, you know, I just tell people, like, you know, tell it like it is and let people make their own decision on this.

R Blank 18:09
No, I really like what you said there about communicating the truth in a way that people can get it. And that, that, that was actually that. I mean, that was essentially my role in in helping my father. Right, overpower, you know, because he, he, I mean, I think you are an expert. But regardless, you know, it’s indisputable that my father was an expert, and but he wasn’t an expert at communicating these issues. to, to, for lack of a better term, regular people. Yes. And so when you say, communicate the truth in a way that people can get it, you know, that really resonates with me, because that’s, that’s critical, because you, you can’t just put the information out there and assume everyone will understand it, you need to keep working the message so that people it can actually reach people in a meaningful way.

Lloyd Burrell 18:56
Yes, absolutely. And, you know, I have the advantage of not perhaps not quite having the IQ that your father had. Thing is a lot you know, there’s some of these people are just so brilliant. They’re kind of in their own little worlds. And, and I am too, in a way, I guess, but I’ve always true, you know, I’ve always in some churches, I am very sensitive Still, if I’m probably more sensitive than ever, and yet I don’t have these debilitating symptoms anymore. I’m, I’ve always sort of, I’ve always liked to just talk to very, you know, different people. I’m quite outgoing. You know, like meeting people, which is a bit like Americans do, you know, Brits don’t necessarily do that they can be quite reserved, like a segue set with a few drinks. And so yes, I’ve I’ve all and I think that’s maybe part of it, I don’t know quiet but you know, being able to communicate this in a way that really even a child can understand it, you know, and really get it and some Wow, yeah, this is actually a big deal these EMF ‘s. So it really is something that I need, I need to, you know, pay attention to.

R Blank 20:18
Yeah. And you’ve been doing it now for for 12 years, as you say. And I know that, you know, people with an approach that take an approach, like you take that they work it they, they iterate, they, they figure out what’s worked, what didn’t work, they improve the message. And that’s where you are today, back in 2009. And into 2010 2011. You know, how what, how were people receiving your message back then?

Lloyd Burrell 20:46
Well, you know, it’s, it’s, in one sense, it’s been quite difficult, because at the beginning, because again, I am a quite a sensitive guy. So that’s not to say, you know, if you shout at me, I’m going to run off in a corner and cry my eyes out. But I do really, I can really connect with people’s pain. And at the beginning, that was a problem I had was that so many people were writing to me, and they still do. And I was kind of taking it personally, to like making it my responsibility to help every single person literally, that would write to me. And I mean, now, I mean, some days, I get literally hundreds of emails from people, depending what’s going on, if I send an email out, you know, for instance, and I can get literally hundreds back. And it’s impossible for me to so I’ve matured, and I’m not saying that makes it better. But it makes it better for me. And it was it did get very quickly, rather daunting and on unmanageable, because it is a weight to bear this whole EMF thing. And I don’t know if you feel that too. But you know, there are some people really suffering your hand. And you know what i’m doing talking about it, I do tend to laugh a lot. And that’s just my way of dealing with that. But it is really serious, because when you’re impacted by things, you know, it’s like, it seems when we talk about this, it’s like people, there’s like people like me, and then other people. And what I mean by that is that people that are symptomatic, and people that are not symptomatic, which is true in a sense. But again, I go back, I’m always going back to the thing of, you know, it’s not because you can’t feel the effects that the, you know, the EMF song impacting you, you can’t feel it, but your cells can feel it. And that’s, that’s the important thing. And so these people that are being impacted, it destroys people’s lives, really. And there are some terrible, terrible stories. On my website, you know about pizza people have shared in the past. Actually, today, if you look, the comments are off, because i don’t know if i don’t i don’t know something very strange has been going on. Recently. I don’t know if we’ve been hacked or targeted or what, but we’ve had to switch the comments off just for the moment, but I think that will be hopefully sorted out by the time this goes out. But so yeah, there’s a lot of comments on there, 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of comments from people with some very disturbing stories. And that did affect me at the beginning. And that was difficult. And it’s still difficult today. But yeah, I’ve I’m not, I don’t kind of, I’m not feeling like everybody’s pain, like I was before. And I quickly moved on to sharing solutions. And that’s something that probably came about about two years down the line two to three years down the line is I got kind of bored or just talking about the dangers. And I kind of go around in circles. And I I realized, well, no, you know, I need to share solutions here. And that’s really when things took a different direction. And that’s the path I’m on today sharing the solutions, which is, you know, which is kind of what you’re doing too. And I think that’s where we need to be. So it’s okay saying, Yeah, there is this huge problem with the MS. But we need to give people solutions. And we need to give people hope.

R Blank 24:27
Ya know, that that was that was really powerful. And yes, I do have I do have some similar experience. I mean, we’ve never, we’ve never had comments enabled on the website. I just, you know, moderating, that kind of stuff is really difficult, but I’ve always made it very easy for people to reach out to me directly. And it wasn’t that long ago that I was actually the one responding to all emails, whether there were customers or just people reaching out and to your point. It is really personally impactful to get all of these messages from people who You know, feeling quite desperate. But more more even more than that. It’s how much can you do in an email? You know, you can point them to some resources. You can tell them maybe what to say to a doc, you know, but that’s it. And so yeah, so shifting to solutions is I really, I mean, it sounds like we’ve taken some similar paths. It’s just maybe you did it a little bit, a little bit earlier than I did. But so that that’s, that’s the, you know, that’s back the 2009 2011. Lloyd electric since the Fast forward to today. 2021? I mean, how is it that you generate as much content as you do? And I asked this, you know, because people say that I generate a lot of content, but it is, it is absolutely nothing compared to what you produce, I

Lloyd Burrell 25:51
have a team now I’ve got Okay, so that helps me, which is amazing. Because obviously, you totally trust your daughter. Oh, you should do anyway. You know, I was doing it all on my own pretty much. So I did this summer in 2018. I mean, literally did it on my own with a programmer, and just, you know, working with people on the different outsourcing platforms to do work for me, and literally the whole thing, A to Zed, no support team at all, not my daughter either, at that time, and she started helping me about two years ago. And I now have a team, a little team that helps me do these things and people that I’ve been working, you know, the, I really implicitly trust them, and they trust me. I like to think that anyway, that’s the key, I think it’s really getting in and that takes time. And I kind of put the intention out there into the universe to get this because again, it was was I went through all these stages. And, and I you know, I did hit kind of Rocky Road territory, at one point where I just say, I just don’t want to, I can’t just I need to do something else, I need to get away from this. And that was actually kind of before I did the summit. And I got a coach also. And then the coach fired me before when was this about a year ago? Because where I was doing because I did a summit called healing with vibration, which I know because you supported. And thank you for that, by the way. And he fired me because it was in conflict, conflict with his religious beliefs. And that was a total blow. Because again, we were very close at the time and sort of coach confidence and all that kind of thing. And so yeah, so that’s one of the things I’ve kind of learned from all this is you can’t do it all on your own Lloyd and I have, unfortunately, Well, unfortunately, I don’t know. But I seem to be able to turn my hand to pretty much anything, not just on the internet. But that doesn’t mean I can do anything particularly well. And so I was trying to do a whole load of things I wasn’t necessarily good at. And then now more lately I’ve been hopefully focusing on really what I’m better at and, and that’s where I can truly help people and that’s what I feel to do, I need to do, and that we all need to do. You know, as time goes by, we realize that the world is not in a good place that many people are not in a good place. But this is actually a beautiful time to be alive despite what you what you see when you turn on, you know the the news in the evening. You need to be so careful with what you’re exposing yourself to not just CMS, but all this frankly brainwashing which is going on. And people being misled, misinformed, just told downright lies about on so many subjects and really is through EMF that I’ve learned all this. And you know, because I get information I’m sure like you do from so many different sources. And like everybody now has got so much information coming out as an I’ve, I’m getting this information from these different sources from you know, people are sending me things all the time. And then it become it, you know, when this whole COVID thing and I don’t really want to talk about COVID. But it’s just to give it context is like with the whole EMF thing. It is very twisted, what’s what’s happened, you know? And we can talk we can go talk about that if you want to a little bit. But I can certainly see parallels between the EMF and what’s happening with the COVID. And that’s to say people are not being told the truth. And really people’s eyes do need opening and I’m always saying you know, Listen, don’t believe me, but just go and you know, this. There’s some great, great resources out there where you can get good information on biased scientific information and science. can be twisted as we both know. But you’ve got to be so careful where you get information from.

R Blank 30:05
Yeah. And I just on behalf of, on behalf of everyone listening, I just want to thank you for, for powering through that that phase where everything was really difficult and there was self doubt because, again, you know, the amount of content that you generate is and its high quality content, and it’s just it is such an impressive volume. And I you know, it’s serving an audience that I, at least in my experience, it’s it’s it’s a growing segment that more and more people are either experiencing EHS are becoming aware that they have been experiencing EHS and that makes intuitive sense to me, because I am being levels of emf are just continuing to rise every year. But is that is that your experience as well? Totally,

Lloyd Burrell 30:51
totally. I think everything you know, this is a toxic world, in so many ways, every imaginable form of toxin, and people aren’t even imagining the EMF toxin. You know, people, when you say toxin, like so many people don’t even know what a toxin is really, they’re thinking like a poison, like something new, you know, by phosphate or something new, you know, weaker and stuff. Like, you know, we live in a toxic world, our food supplies toxic, the air is toxic, you know, air pollution. And, you know, I’m not talking about EMF, and then EMF on the top of all this, you know, our thoughts, our emotions, so we’re living in this increasingly toxic world. And these EMF ‘s, are increasing exponentially. And this is, you know, certainly where we’ve been going for a while, and it just seems to be accelerating, because there’s so much money to be made from all this money, money, money, money, money. And this is what is driving it quite simply. And but you know, this is on obviously, 5g is, it’s, it’s not even on the right, you know, it’s a reality, it’s a reality, and it’s becoming a bigger reality. And this is going to continue. While ever. People don’t understand the link between this rather wonderful device, which is a cell phone, it’s not just about the cell phone, obviously, we can talk about that. All these different exposures, and I’m always keen to talk about you know, the wired, also, you’ve got the wireless and you’ve got the wired, and people have got, like, Oh, you mean, like why is it dangerous to? Well, yes, actually, like home wiring in so many different ways. And and so all this Yeah, it’s a very toxic world. And it is, it is really a difficult pill to swallow for many people. Cuz I mean, like that kind of who cares attitude, or you’re gonna die or something anyway, or you are, but you could live in total misery in the meantime, you know, in pain through all these toxic exposures, and really, you know, this is so many brilliant, brilliant minds have talked about this and explored this and wrote papers, scientific papers on this. I mean, you know, I’m not inventing this, it’s, it’s really very, very, very obvious from where I’m starting.

R Blank 33:18
Yeah. So and that takes well, to segue into the next question here, you know, stepping back, you had mentioned that one of your priorities or part of your mission is to communicate the truth in a way that people can understand it. And the more and more people are experiencing and becoming aware that they are experiencing electro electro sensitivity. Why given that all of that and given given your focus on communicating excessively, you know, why do you think this subject remains so poorly understood and and what do you think might need to change for the understanding to be enhanced?

Lloyd Burrell 33:55
Well, one thing is for sure that this you know, EMF SAR complex, like EMF ccmf, what the heck’s EMF Okay, so a lead EMF electromagnetic fields, some people say electromagnetic radiation. Some people, when they say EMF, they mean electromagnetic frequencies. All these acronyms are really confusing. And then what the heck is it even when you try to explain it, you know, what is it? It sounds mysterious? It sounds Whoo, it sounds you can’t see it. Okay, it’s invisible. It’s there. And somehow it’s, you know, it’s affecting me How can that be? So that’s, you know, emfs are complex. And then health is complex, even without EMF, you know, even before ms came on the scene 100 plus years ago, before you know, Marconi started putting and before we got Edison and putting the electrical system out and everything and so before the wired and the wireless health was already complex. So when you put EMF ‘s complex health Complex together, you get very complex is a very complex this interaction. But that I don’t actually is the reason why this is so poorly understood. So that’s part of it. But I think the main reason is, is because they don’t want us to, they don’t want people to really understand this. And we were kind of back to, you know, so there’s this there’s politik, you can call it political reasons. And, but really, we’re back, we’re always coming back to the money, we’re coming back to the economic reasons. And then there’s even the military reasons, if you will, and that because, you know, the military have been pulling the rug over people’s eyes for a long time on this too, you know, back to the 1950s. I know of research, which was done by Milton zarit. Which the military, you know, said to him? Well, you know, because he was, he noticed that these radar operators were getting cataracts on their eyes, and he wanted to explore it. He was exploring it and the military said, Well, no, you don’t go there anymore. AWS will take away your funding. Same thing with Dr. Alan Frey in the 1960s 1970s, his brilliant work on the blood brain barrier. And this is gone on and it goes on still today. And you know, Dr. George Carlo, that was pretty well known also in that, you know, these little EMF circles about the work that that he did, and he was actually paid by the cell phone industry, the the credit, this wt are the wireless technology research program. And they pumped in millions like 25 $30 million to prove that cell phones were safe. Unfortunately, he found just the opposite, that this radiation from cell phones can cause cancer and so many other studies have found this and that so there’s this tremendous perversion in the story that is being told by the research. And we’ve got some work done by Dr. Henry Lai, which I’m sure you’re aware of on the different font out these independent studies, basically, two thirds of the time they found the harmful effects. And yet funny how it is about 1/3 of the time, and I mean, being very approximately about 1/3 of the time, the industry for the funded studies, found harmful effects. So like just the reverse. Yeah, right. How strange is that? And that’s not a terribly recent study, but it does reflect what’s going on and just the you know, all these signs which is being done, it’s it is being mis reported very often the interphone study big, huge, huge, huge study, $25 million study 2010 Miss reported, people like just totally telling another story from the science, which, you know, good science, but then kind of perverted, it seems, in the final Furlong, and kind of a similar thing with with NTP study as well. And you know, the result of all that is, is people over well, it’s like with the cigarettes, we just create doubt in people’s minds. And that’s it, we can carry on selling cigarettes, and we can carry on selling cell phones and similar devices. And this is what’s happening. And as you know, the or, I’m sure you know, that the they’re even using the same

advertising agencies that the cigarette industry was using in the 1960s are using the same techniques. Yeah, how crazy is this? So it is really, I think that is the main reason why people are all confused about this. And then when you add into it, you know, this, you know, this technology is just amazing. It really is this wireless wireless technology, particularly of what we can do with with cell phones and stuff is amazing. And so you can understand that, given all this confusion, in fact, for most people is not even he’s just found sounds like conspiracy theory stuff to most people, if you say, you know, like a cell phone, radiation can give you cancer, it’s just like, and that is obviously I am. I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t put it in those terms. But yeah, so it there is a lot of confusion here. And it’s way easier to follow the sheep again, with what’s happening with the COVID you know, do like everybody else, and then really look at the science a bit and start asking questions. You don’t even need to be a scientist. You just need to really be interested in this and be curious. And if it’s not for you do it for your kids. That was what I always say to people You know, do the right thing for your kids.

R Blank 40:02
Yeah, people care a lot more about their their children than they do about themselves is one thing that I’ve learned. Yeah. And I think something else you said it’s really important. And I, I don’t know, I feel like it’s often overlooked by people in the the EMF health realm, which is that this tech really is super amazing. It’s it’s entertaining, it creates a lot of economic value, it can save lives. And I think I think that it just needs to be acknowledged. I mean, there has to be safer ways of creating this, and there has to be safer ways of using it. But it also, you know, we need to acknowledge the the kind of, I mean, just miraculous value that it has created. That was just entirely inconceivable 100 years ago, certainly 200 years ago. I mean, it’s it’s pure magic from that perspective. Absolutely. Yeah. So that that said, you again, you’ve been working on electric sense for 12 years now. And we just talked about some of the challenges to getting wider understanding and acceptance. But is has there been progress on understanding? And you know, just before before your answer, I’ll just say, you know, earlier this year, I attended the EMF medical conference, which this year was, was a virtual experience. And that whole conference was was, was conceived of as a way to educate the health community, you know, doctors, practitioners, and so forth, on what the science is actually said and says about the health effects of emf exposure, and it was very impressive content. And, you know, I’ve I don’t think there’s been, there was one medical conference, I think, a couple of years before that, but it’s really kind of brand new, where you have that much information, and it’s catering specifically at Western medical providers and practitioners. And I think that, you know, that’s an important aspect. It just that couldn’t have happened a few years ago, and it did happen this year. But more broadly, is there. Are we making progress on building understanding?

Lloyd Burrell 42:14
Not March. I mean, I’m, I’m an optimist. I really am. But I feel as though is going terribly slowly. And I do feel things are changing? And it’s a great question. It’s, it’s very difficult to know. Because sometimes I feel and you know, tries, I will not to have the blinkers on sometimes I feel as though I do have the blinkers on, and trying to not be too in this EMF world. But when I go out of this EMF world, which is basically my office, so when I go out of the office, I don’t really unless somebody gets me going on, then I won’t really talk about it. And it’s kind of easy, because I live in France. And so when I go out the office, I speak French, and I can’t really explain all this as much as I can in English. So but you know, the man on the street, I’m not convinced that he really has much of an understanding about this at all. And, you know, I follow the situation a little bit. In France, also, and I know the answers nscs has just published a report. Well, it’s I saw what was in the newspaper, I didn’t see the report, I didn’t go and look at the report. But it’s like, you know, 5g, no problem, no adverse health effects kind of thing, you know. So, and now, you know, I’m looking what’s going on in Italy, for instance, they’re talking about because Italy is actually one of those still one of those places interesting, because that’s where Marconi is from, okay, the wireless guy. Interestingly, still one of the places with some Rogers stringent safety guidelines on these wireless exposures that are allowed that are permitted, and they’re talking about upping the guidelines, like putting another zero on so that can be 10 times as much as much exposure levels. So, yeah, so again, we seem to be it’s always seems to be and, you know, I, it we always seem to be coming back to the money, unfortunately. And that’s what I’m seeing, you know, and when we’re looking beyond the mF question, we’re looking at the you know, and I’m talking about the COVID thing again, it’s for me, it’s the money, it’s the money, and it seems, and when we’re looking at what’s happening in our world, generally. And it’s like, it’s not that I have a problem with money. You know, I want to make money too, but not at any cost, not at the cost of people’s lives and people’s health. And our kids. How to not have that cost.

R Blank 45:01
Yeah. And there’s also there’s more honest ways of I mean, you can make money while still telling the truth. It’s just that the two maybe is a little harder.

Lloyd Burrell 45:08
Yeah, it’s harder. It is harder, you know. And so yeah, it’s and with the internet now, I think it is. For people that are not quite telling the truth, it is easier perhaps to get away with than then than it was before.

R Blank 45:28
Yeah. So zooming zooming back in to, we just went through some broad, broader topics, zooming back in to individuals. I know a lot of people reach out to you, through your site, and through other channels and platforms. I’m wondering if you could help paint a picture, because and this goes back also to what you were saying earlier about your own experiences where the symptoms were, were sort of there was a really wide range of symptoms that you personally were experiencing. Are there some types of symptoms that, you know, people are reaching out to you saying they think they’re electro sensitive, and these are the symptoms they’re getting?

Lloyd Burrell 46:09
Yes. headache, headaches, headaches is a big one. And I suffered from headaches. kind of strange, like hangover, headaches. But those kinds of headaches that lasts all day, headaches are a big one. Sleep Disorders. Another thing, a lot of people with sleeping difficulties. Brain fog, another big one. So I think we’re kind of in the realm of neurological effects. Tinnitus, another big one, sensitivity to light or eye problems. So that’s something else I experienced tremendous sensitivity to light. And, yeah, so there’s so many really, but I think those and skin issues also,

R Blank 47:07
I guess, like what, like rashes, eczema, or what what kind of skin issues, prickly tingling skin, oh, sensations.

Lloyd Burrell 47:17
Yes, that was one of the things that I had. And I had it with a cell phone, and then I had it with in front of the computer. And yes, a lot of skin. So it starts off with sensations and then you get rashes, and, you know, and it gets worse. So and then. And they’re not the thing is, there are those people that put in the two and two together, and they’re contacting you, and they’re saying, Yeah, maybe I think maybe this is a mess. And you know, another common one is, with the cars, you know, these electric cars, that’s seems to be a big one to a lot of people contacting me about that. You know, another one is, like, young couples not being able to get pregnant. I think this is a huge one. Yeah, I mean, just that alone. I mean, I’m, frankly, if I could talk about that all day, just to get the message out. So people could just just ponder that and maybe think, Oh, well, maybe, you know, maybe if I just tried for 30 days to go easy on all of this tech, and then see what happens. And time and time again, this has happened. You know, I’ve heard this story time and time again. So that’s a huge one. And then with regard to children, you know, parents who are reporting a lot of behavioral problems with children. I mean, the links is, you know, I’m sure you know, between EMF exposures, and autism. Very, pretty clear. And we’re not saying ms cause autism, we’re just saying that if pregnant mothers have been exposed to high levels of MS, what the heck’s that? Well, yeah, we just mean, like, moms are using, you know, future moms that are using cell phones, sometimes as simple as that, then that they read the possibility or the probability that your child will have autism greatly increases. And then we’ve got, you know, all the other behavioral issues around that. You know, anxiety, depression, ADHD, etc. So, so many, and then just stress, you know, emotional problems. The list is very long. I think there’s a lot of teenagers because my son is just kind of out of that now. But he went through that too, and I suspect it was his cell phone. Yeah, and you know, despite having a father who’s gone through all of this, he was, you know, like all the other kids very influenced by what was going on on social media and, and also just the direct EMF effects, you know, on the neurotransmitters. Have these EMF ‘s the kind of up and down effects? So it’s a long long list, isn’t it? Yeah, no, it really is.

R Blank 50:09
And as you indicated your personal experiences and formed the way you approach this topic. So, how going back to that, when you started realizing about your sensitivity? What were some of the changes you made to your lifestyle, I know you mentioned stopping, you stopped using the cell phone, you started working on the computer more, but then at the start working less. But if you could just maybe explain that you know, a few of the lifestyle changes that you made that you saw, like a mental?

Lloyd Burrell 50:40
Well, what I will do is I will just very briefly explain my little protocol here, which is what I developed from all of that, which I call the arm. sales for us stands for you for understand. So understanding these EMF, so that’s what I did I, and this was over years, I understood them. I put the pieces together about these different things. And it had different revelations at different times. And like many people, it’s like, it just seems to be if you do become EMF sensitive, then all you you become obsessive about whatever that thing is that has that you’re reacting with me it was a cell phone, and I was obsessive about people being around me with cell phones, because I could feel it very clearly. I could even feel like an imprint on people when they’d had a phone on. And I go, you’ve got your phone on you, dad. And you go No, no. And I said, I’ve had it on, haven’t you any? Well, yes. Well, of course. Yeah. And I could feel that. And those kinds of things, which now it’s kind of impossible, because everybody seems everybody’s energy field. biofield is polluted by this now pretty much everybody’s and people don’t know what to do to deal with that. But at the beginning with me, it was Yeah, it was this it was this arm. So it was understanding. And so firstly, it was understanding of the the wireless and it was getting this understanding of the cell phone and I need to buy a meter. And of course, I just went out because I’m a bit of a cheapskate, went out and bought the cheapest meter. Basically, I could find just a total piece of junk and, and then I bought the acoustic meter. I rang him fields, and I spoke to Jean Phillips, Alister Phillips, his wife, she was running it at the time. And she said to me, Look, you need this Lloyd. And I was calling Yeah, so I was contacting people like that. That was really my they were kind of my go to people at the time. And I had a few conversations with Alistair Phillips, who’s brilliant electrical engineer, also, somewhat electrically sensitive himself, electrically hypersensitive has a very good understanding of this than a lot of research on this also, behind the power watch.org. I believe it is a website. Anyway, it’s power watch something. And yeah, and then it kind of so it was this realization of the wireless and that was a realization of, of the wired, and this exploration and getting the right meters for that. And so my protocol, the understand, so it’s understanding all these different exposures. Yeah, the radio frequency microwave radiation, this wireless, what we call wireless, is electric fields, from the wiring these magnetic fields from the wiring, and this what we call dirty electricity, or intermediately frequencies and lots of different names for it. But these, this electro pollution, which is on wiring, which of course doesn’t stay on the on the wiring, and it was really just a very gradual, very, very, very, very, very slow process of figuring all this out, because there was no book on this not nothing I could find anyway, which explained this very simply. And then, so that’s the U, the M is for mitigate. And that means buying the meters. So I bet a big M is the first M is for measuring, which means buying the meters and taking measurements. And then mitigate is actually doing something about it to reduce those exposures. And that’s basically what I did over a number of years and you can do this. So what I say to people, and I’ve, you know, I’ve worked with people individually, I’ve, you know, like one offs and coaching and things like that, but literally in two weeks, you can I don’t know what you think about this, but you can it’s not that difficult really, to get a big turnaround in the in your city significant reduction in your exposures. If but here’s the key, if you really want to. Yeah, and there’s a lot of people who don’t really want to so they want to They want their cake and eat it kind of thing, you know? So they want this reduction and expose, but they’re not prepared to go the whole nine yards.

R Blank 55:08
Yeah. And even so I agree. Well, I agree with what you just said. But also with what you said right before that where, within a period of just a couple of weeks, you can make a really big reduction in your personal exposure just by modifying the technology that you surround yourself with and your relationship with that technology. But beyond that, you know, I, there, there, there are people who are sensitive to even lower levels than that. And I imagine it Well, it seems to me, it’s getting harder and harder for the the, I guess, for lack of a better term, the more sensitive to find low EMF environments, where they can actually so what what what I mean, I don’t know if you have an answer to this one, but I do what, okay, yeah, please.

Lloyd Burrell 55:59
This is the thing, because, and it’s I think, we kind of, we think about this, and then we think of all the reasons stroke excuses why we shouldn’t be doing what I’m telling you to do, or somebody else is telling you to do you know, this thing, which kind of is a bit going against the grain of, you know, modern society and how people live. And I do live differently, obviously, because I don’t have any wireless. And I don’t have a cell phone, but I’m really connected, as you can imagine. I’m on the computer all day, pretty much. And that’s the difficult thing, but it’s really all about the exposures in your home, which for most people, they can control very significantly. not totally. But very significantly, you know, the whole thing about the 5g. I mean, frankly, the 5g has been great for getting the message out about EMF, because all of a sudden, we’ve got you know, literally millions of people, which are suddenly Oh, my God, you know, 5g, and, and I’m not saying you know, the satellites in space, and the small cells and everything. And these higher millimeter wave and sub millimeter waves, which is maybe if people don’t know what any of that means, then that’s talk for another time, or we can develop on that. But what I’m saying is the technology and this whole 5g, I’m not saying it’s good news for health, but what I am saying is this should not be your primary consideration, your primary concern, in terms of dealing with EMF, your primary concern is what is going on in your home environment, particularly your bedroom? And that is really not again, not that difficult to do. Yeah, okay, if you want to, if you get if you are electrically hypersensitive, then to take this, really, to the degree to do this, to the degree with which perhaps you need to do it, which would be you know, to have really some really, rather good meters, or be working with an EMF, consultant, building biologist, your vital consultant was, there’s lots of great people out there, preferably somebody through recommendation. And it is possible to really get some significant reduction in exposure, but that won’t do it all. That won’t solve your problem, that that’s the thing to understand. If you are EHS just that, I mean, I’ve not seen I’ve really seen where, you know, somebody who’s become hypersensitive to these electromagnetic fields, has gone in and shielded and everything else. And then, you know, even two weeks or even a month or even six months later that they’re fine. On photons, and we’re like that.

R Blank 58:48
Right? So yeah, so what options do because I imagine people come to you with those questions. They do. How do you

Lloyd Burrell 58:54
resist? They do? Well, I tell them the truth. And the truth is that we need this holistic approach to EMF ‘s and you know, even though I talk you know, a lot about EMF some forever saying, it’s not just the EMF ‘s you know, we need to look big picture. So there’s, there’s really a two prong approach approach to EMF, there’s this what I call this rigorous direct EMF protection, which is kind of what I’ve gone over very quickly, they’re dealing with these four categories of, of emf and blue light also is another Biggie blue light at night. So we’re doing all that rigorously. Okay, and that for that, that will take a bit of time, it might take a bit more than two weeks. And it might require a bit of an investment. But not an investment. I mean an investment the most people can do if this is like life or death. Then for I don’t know 500 to $1,000 you can do a lot our Yeah, you agree we mean you can already do quite A lot for I mean, this is not like hundreds of 1000s. And getting a loan from the bank. And I know everybody doesn’t have 500 or $1,000, it might seem just, you know, totally out there each. But there are there are people that really that is not a problem. And particularly if it is kind of life or death or quality of life issue, then this needs to be a priority, you need to make it a priority. So that’s the first prong. And then the second prong is what I call just quite simply, indirect EMF protection. And that’s everything else. And this is the you know, and that was really, you know, you’re asking me what I did? Well, that’s, I looked at the whole thing. And so it the whole thing is what well, it’s everything, it’s it’s, it’s everything you do in your day, every all your exposures because why? Because it’s all about toxins. And so yeah, it’s a nutrition, obviously, it’s detox, because, frankly, there’s so much crap in the food supply. It’s so polluted, that our bodies can only you know, every time you go to bed at night, you detox, particularly if you’re low EMF, you’ve got a low EMF bedroom, then you’re detoxing much more effectively. But we need, you know, we, we all need detox strategies now. And they’re, they’re, you know, these are there, they’re out there, there are detox strategies glow on the internet, and people and I’m not an expert on on detox, and I did do some detox, also. And that really moves the needle for me, and it will for people, you know, people that are listening to this and have tried, you know, done a lot of emf work, then the detox is what you need to do the nutrition is what you need to look at. And then dealing with this, what I call the runaway train. And that’s to say, the mind, and the mind is so powerful. But the thing is, it can powerfully work against you. And that’s what happened to me. And that’s what’s happening to a lot of people is they’re on this runaway train. And they can’t, they can’t find the brakes, and you need to find the brakes. And then you need to take you know, hold of the steering wheel, and, you know, go where you want to go. And that is we’re in the realm of Mind Body techniques or energy techniques. And there’s a lot of support out there now on this, and I do work on this also. And some great, you know, people like Annie hopper have done great work with her dnrs system. And there’s got to technique and Harrison Barrett, somebody that I had on as a guest who also has developed a system, you know, people that have been through this, that’s where you need to be looking at, or something similar, but preferably people that have, you know, gone through this EMF experience and come out the other side smiling.

R Blank 1:03:00
That’s and so I know a lot of a lot of your work is helping people expose people to that type of information. Beyond you know, I strongly recommend people go visit you at electric sense, calm beyond just the website and the content that people can find there. What is it that you are working on now?

Lloyd Burrell 1:03:19
Well, what I’m working on right now I have the opportunity. So I created the mFl summit in 2018. Which was really the first summit of its kind of big summit on this anyway, over 30 experts, people from really all the different spheres of emf like building biologists. Top doctors like Dr. mercola, Dr. klinghardt industry insiders like Frank Clegg, ex CEO of Microsoft, Canada, and then activists like Camilla Reese, scientists, of course, like Dr. Paul LaRue, Professor to Trevor Marshall, Lloyd Morgan, who’s doing some top research with the environmental health trust, bringing all these people together. That’s what I did in 2018. And then I had an opportunity to, to redo this thing again, do a relaunch here now in 2021, with a bunch of new interviews, Dr. Wu Tang, who’s, according to him the most sensitive doctor on the planet, because he COVID Dr. Beverly Rubik, Dr. Ken Holt off and others and others a whole bunch of new interviews. Because this really, you know, you’re saying to me if things improved, you know, it was a great awareness, there is a growing awareness, but things aren’t improving nearly as quickly as they should be. And This event is really quite unique. There’s been no other event like this, to my knowledge, bringing together this this many experts in one place. And that’s what I’m working on at the moment. And so that’s going to be going out. I think it’s July the 12th, to the 19th. And it’s free. Oh, wow, here’s the thing, because, you know, pretty much everything I do is free. That’s the, and then you can, but then if you want, I mean, it’s free over seven days. But then if you want to, you know, get the flash drive, or the unlimited access, then that you pay for. But you know, that’s, that’s how internet works. I don’t really, I don’t sell things, you know, I give information, and then I sell packages of that information all my time. And you know, so that’s, it’s all free 12th to the 19th of July,

R Blank 1:05:58
and the the URL for that.

Lloyd Burrell 1:06:02
But I don’t have that’s a good question. URL. Because I’m doing it with a company called health talks online. And actually, it’s going to be on their server nanowires, we’ll

R Blank 1:06:13
find that URL, we’ll put it in the show notes. So it sounds like a really impressive lineup. And it’s free. So obviously, everyone can attend. But in, you know, who do you recommend most should attend this this conference?

Lloyd Burrell 1:06:30
Well, obviously, people that believe that EMF might be impacting their lives, that’s a no brainer. But also, I would really love that parents, you know, or future parents. And I might be a bit of a big wish that they, you know, young people, I would really love that young people. Watch this event. I’d love to be honest, I’d love that everybody watch this, I just think it’s so important. I just think this topic is so so important. Because you know, these emfs are everywhere. The science is very compelling. There are 1000s of independent studies that are showing there is a link between these exposures between these adverse biological effects, which these exposures are clearly creating, and all these diseases of the 21st century, you know, cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, all these neurological diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, all these chronic diseases, we’re, you know, we’re in this, it’s the, we’re in this age of the chronic disease. And I believe I’m not saying it’s all EMF, but I really, truly believe that EMF ‘s play a big part in all this, which is going on, and they’re gonna be playing an even bigger part. And, you know, the quicker that you if you, you know, you they’re listening, and your friends, you know, share this information. That’s what I would say, share this information with your loved ones, with your family, and protect your kids, again, back to the kids because kids is, you know, our kids, our kids, kids are our future. And what we know from the science, again, is that kids are particularly vulnerable to these exposures. You know, children are not just miniature adults, they don’t have the immune systems to protect them from these exposures. And the whole load of parameters, which change on children, which makes them more vulnerable. So yeah, let’s let’s think about our kids. And yeah, absolutely. Really, everybody should be watching this event. Well, yeah, no.

R Blank 1:08:43
And I again, on behalf of everyone that’s listening, I want to thank you for putting the time and effort into putting an event like that together with all those speaking and to do it for free to make all that information accessible to people for free, as is such a service. And I really do I just thank you.

Lloyd Burrell 1:09:01
Yeah, no, thank you. Well, thank you for what you’re doing, too. It’s wonderful to be here.

R Blank 1:09:07
And I really and yeah, I really do agree. I know you’re you’re an incredibly you’re probably the busiest guy in EMF. And I really appreciate you finding some time in your schedule for this interview. For everyone, listening again, this is Lloyd Burrell from electric sense, calm and the EMF health summit is coming up in mid July. And we’ll have the link to register for that for free in the show notes. Thank you again, Lloyd. I really appreciate it. Thank you all it’s been a pleasure. It’s been a real pleasure. Amazing. That was just amazing. I find Lloyd story to be so inspiring. As always, I’m joined by my right hand lady and Operations Manager at shield your body. Stephanie. I don’t think you’ve ever spoken to Lloyd directly before but I forward you a lot of his email so you’re aware of his work and his valuable contributions to EMF and health. What did what did you think of that discussion?

Stephanie Warner 1:10:00
I really enjoyed listening to you to talk, it felt very, you know, peer to peer discussing, you know, EMF, but also not just, you know, the like tactical strategic stuff, but also how, how to approach the messaging and kind of the struggle of of communicating the importance of emf in a way that isn’t scary. So I particularly enjoyed when when he stated that he kind of flipped the script he got, he got bored of talking about the harm and the dangers of emf. And he realized that he really need to focus on the solutions and providing people with solutions and hope. And I really appreciated that what it what did you think? Yeah, no, it was innate with that. Yeah,

R Blank 1:10:47
I, you know, I feel the same way. In part, I feel that way. You know, because working with my father, my father was the one who, who made people aware of the risks. And I, you know, I don’t feel like I can, you know, I don’t have the same level of insight into that as, as someone like my father did. And so even from the very beginning, I’ve I’ve taken this approach of focusing on solutions, it’s important to communicate the science, but to really emphasize the solutions. And yes, that definitely should have been on my list, but I guess it kind of factors into the first note I took here, which is, I really appreciate his focus on translating these issues for a mass community. That is, that’s, that’s kind of that’s an effort, I feel like I’m a part of, and that’s why B is a part of, and I feel like, you know, because EMF has been for a long time kind of a niche concern. It’s populated, a traditionally populated by academics and activists. And they all speak kind of an a walled off language, if you know what I mean. And I do, and in part, because of the way I communicate, and in part, because I’m also trying to build a business, from the very beginning, I’ve taken an approach where no, we this is now that the science is clear. And what we have to do about it is clear, it is time to get more people aware. And the way you’re going to get more people aware is by communicating in the way that more people communicate. And that Lloyd’s emphasis on that was was just something that I resonated, it resonated with me very strongly. Yeah, no, that that makes that makes perfect sense. So then the second thing on my list is I’m really inspired by his journey. Yeah, you know, I got into EMF issues my own way. Like, like I’ve talked about with working with my father, and Lloyd got into it from from a from a completely different position, right? Being EHS today is hard enough. And we’ve we’ve spoken about that on other episodes, but being EHS almost 20 years ago, when almost none of this information was out there and accessible. You know, that’s a completely different situation. And Lloyd’s response, you know, he, he, he went out and he found the information, it was hard to find it wasn’t out there if the web wasn’t even what it was, what the web 20 years ago isn’t what it is today. So even just finding information wasn’t as easy, but then finding this information was even harder. And the way that he he took that, that that step. And he went to put that effort into it and collected this information. But then he didn’t just stop there, he started building a community so that other people could learn what he had learned. And I don’t know, I just I just found that to be an inspirational sort of, for lack of a better term creation story. I was I was moved.

Stephanie Warner 1:13:44
Yeah, Yeah, me too. Actually, that was one of the notes that I took. And I, you know, honestly couldn’t really take a lot of notes during that portion of the interview, because he, you know, I was so connected to his struggle in and, you know, in fascinated and surprised, I actually have not heard of somebody experiencing, you know, like, one day, you’re fine with the cell phone, and the very next day, all of a sudden, you’re going from like bizarre discomfort to unbearable pain. And, you know, that, that that was really surprising to me to hear. And I and I and I, you know, I, I just had to engage and just, you know, give him 100% of my attention. Hearing that and you brought up a really great point at the time. I can’t even imagine how hard it must have been for him to not know what’s going on. And I think it’s still true today, maybe to a lesser degree, because we do have more information available. But you know, doctors you know, most most doctors aren’t aren’t, you know, aware or taking serious VHS so yeah, it was that was a, that was a really important part of the story that I think of his origin story that I’m, I’m really glad that he shared and he openly shares publicly because, you know, again, people who experienced this sort of thing need to know they’re not alone. Yeah. And that there’s hope.

R Blank 1:15:19
Yeah. And that’s, that’s, that’s a huge part of, of just, I mean, there’s obviously there’s issues, you know, when people have VHS, you know, they need to take some steps, they need to reduce EMF in their environment, they need to maybe focus as we talked about with Kathy on nutrition, and other medical considerations. But, but, but just being understood is, is and understanding what you yourself are experiencing, that’s, that’s a really critical component of treatment in, you know, and I think Louis speaks to that. Yeah, I. So then the third note I have, and I really liked his, what he calls the M approach, the U M, M. And I feel like, you know, his framework of understanding and measuring and mitigating it, he put into a structure, what I’ve been trying to do with my with, with shield your body, and, and my, you know, my articles and my videos, he put a structure around it. And that is really the key. And it you know, once he said it in that way, it’s really, it’s really key to dealing with with really anything, first, you have to understand it, then you have to measure it. And then you take then just without you need those first two steps, you need the understanding, and then you need the tools to measure. And once you have those, you can take the steps to mitigate and manage your exposures. And you know, sometimes when I say that louder can sound simple. But as someone who puts so much work into communicating these issues, I found it to be incredibly powerful.

Stephanie Warner 1:16:56
Yeah, well, I think it’s really important to make it so when you hear understand measure, mitigate, that becomes, first of all, it’s easy to remember. And then it makes it feel less daunting. If you’re like, Okay, you need to understand the EMF and you need to know this, this and this, you know what I mean? Like, it can be daunting, and you need to measure and hear the meters. If you get it like this, this approach doesn’t leave anything out. But it also makes it less daunting to approach. I really love the um,

R Blank 1:17:28
yeah, I think it’s funny, though, that you specifically say makes it easier to remember. Because when you say the name, it sounds like you’re trying to remember it. What’s your framework? Um,

Stephanie Warner 1:17:37
yeah, so anytime during this podcast when I say I’m, I’m referring to that. It’s not thinking, you know.

R Blank 1:17:44
Okay, so a reminder, everyone can learn more about Lloyd and sign up for his free mailing list at electric sense calm, and don’t forget to register for free for his upcoming EMF health summit. The link for both are in the show notes. If you liked this show and want to hear more, please remember to subscribe to this podcast to healthier tech podcast available on all major podcasting platforms. And if you have a moment please also leave a review reviews are critical to help more people find this podcast and learn about the important and undercover topics that we cover. And you can also learn more and sign up for our mailing list to get notified when we have new interviews, webinars, ebooks and sales at shield your body calm that shield your body all one word calm. You can also just click that link in the show notes. Until next time, I’m R Blank. And I want to thank you so much for tuning into the healthier tech podcast and always remember to shield your body

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