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Digital Dementia

Digital Dementia: Consequences of Outsourcing Your Brain to Smartphones

‘Experts are calling digital dementia a modern-day health epidemic.

The symptoms of digital dementia are almost identical to dementia symptoms. The only difference is that dementia only affects people as they age.

And digital dementia can affect even children with developing brains.’

toxic content internet

You Versus the Ever-Growing Toxic Content on The Internet

‘Indeed, there’s no shortage of toxic content on social media. But this doesn’t mean that social media in itself is bad. The kind of effect it has on your physical, mental, psychological, and emotional being depends on how you use it.’

tech dependent

Real-Life Effects of Being Too Tech-Dependent

‘Technology affects almost every aspect of modern life. But because of this, most things in our lives depend on tech. And that’s causing some serious problems.’


VPNs: What are Virtual Private Networks, and Why Do You Need One?

Using a VPN or Virtual Private Network is one of the best steps you can take for your online safety, say experts.
There’s no denying it: the internet has made our lives so much easier. But this convenience comes with a price—the price of our privacy and security.

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