S3 Ep 061 BD Erickson II Wants You To Know the Benefits of Clean Electricity

S3 Ep 061 BD Erickson II SATIC

In this episode, BD Erickson II discusses American manufacturing surprises, BD’s foray into clean energy, the difference between clean electricity and green energy, the concept of dirty electricity and its manifestations, smart placement of EMF devices, wiring errors causing hot spots, and the crucial role of experts in addressing these challenges.

Elemental Breath Workshop with Rita Savoia

“When you control your breath, nothing can take away your peace”. Are you ready to release stress, anxiety, blockages, repressed emotions, boost your creativity, focus and immune system with the power of your breath? The Breathwork is called the Elemental Rhythm Breathwork that combines various elements like tribal music, 6 different types of breathing techniques, […]